2018 Industrial Hemp Biomass available (Oregon)


Licensed industrial hemp grower offering 2018 biomass to be harvested October 2018. Approximately 35,000 plants in the ground now and growing beautifully in southern Oregon’s ideal climate!

Absolutely no pesticides used on this crop.

Get in touch – let’s talk! Farm visits are welcome to serious buyers.

Also, seeking 2019 futures contract for 675 acres.


Did you sell this?


Not yet. Lots of people claiming they want it – but so far nobody has sent money, so it is FOR SALE.


How much are you asking per point ?
I just harvested 80kLB , this same guys about mine my buyers are looking for more.
I’ll give u there # 323.441.6427 his name is Bruce. Would hurt to give call


Thank you! Appreciate it very much!


Do you have any biomass inventory left?


Yes, I do.


Do You Still Have Material Available? Looking for Approximately 100,000 lbs… Need starting in June through Sept/Oct Harvest time…