2018 Farm Bill

Depends on how you interpret the language of the laws, and even then how you interpret it versus how the FDA interprets and enforces most likely won’t align for many businesses

I don’t believe it’s fair to compare the inherent dangers of the black market to unregulated markets. The dark web has successfully proven that a free market with very little regulation can be just as safe as a heavily government regulated market yet be much cheaper and more efficient. The problems that do arise in that market are a direct consequence of prohibition, not lack of regulation. I know people who use these online markets not for intoxicating narcotics, but for asthma and diabetes drugs because they simply can not afford to get them in a regulated pharmacy. It has become extremely common in the trans community to acquire sex hormones through this channel as well. And being a reputation based market, these vendors know that a failure to self police the quality of their product means substantial losses in revenue.

Given the atrocious record of pharmaceutical companies price gouging in this country, regulation in the sense of classifying CBD as a drug is going to drastically increase the price of CBD to the consumer. Even if price gouging wasn’t a factor, these pharmaceutical companies are going to be forced to have a high price on their drug just to recoup the money they had to spend on FDA approval. This is going to create a heavy black market demand, especially since many current consumers are already accustomed to getting their CBD through unregulated channels. The genie is out of the bottle. There are already chemists making a ton of money synthesizing drugs that are not even on the controlled substance list for people who can’t access them any other way. There is going to be plenty of opportunity for ethical processors who are willing to take the risk and undercut pharma.

I believe the FDA kills more people with its bureaucracy than it protects. My partner believes regulation is going to be a great thing, but I’ve been fucked over by our medical industry enough to be extremely skeptical. Either way, adaptation is going to be necessary. Whether that be playing by the rules or not.

At least theres a pseudo-physical marketplace and “identity” attached to sellers on the dark web, your reputation certainly follows you in the P2P black market, but it doesn’t retain the same levels of consequence that comes with an online seller identity

Yeah, not really debating the merits of a drug safety and efficacy program. In my book it is needed, the history of snake oil sales men selling treatments that at best do nothing, and at worst kill, is well established. Is the current system out dated and a mess? Most definitely, but they are the rules of the game now. No more winking and nodding.

All i know today is alot of CBD slangers are in for rocky times.

I was explaining how market pressure does not affect unregulated markets to the extent distilforeal said, with the black market as an example. It was 2016 when people started bragging about no pesticides in co… There are still people slinging shit chock full of pesticides in florida. The end users won’t be noticing these things unless they know about them. And most times consumers just dont care, as long as their product looks pretty.

See: Coca Cola bottling company lawsuits

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