200L of winterized CBD Crude available! GREAT DEAL!

Hey Folks, I have 200L of winterized crude available testing higher than 65% CBD. This batch of crude was extracted from certified organic hemp and is located in TN. We will take $250/ L for the entire batch and will cover delivery (Minimum of 50L at this price) COAs are attached below with organic certification. Thank You!

Winterized 1-27COA.pdf (854.1 KB)

Organic Certification (Hemp).pdf (1.3 MB)

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What solvent was used in the extraction process?


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are you interested ?

Are you a certified organic processor?

Our inspection is on March 3rd, just been waiting on inspection to get the proper paperwork.

Anyone worried about that level of spinosad? You guys run this in house or have it tolled?

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How in the fuck is that certified organic with spinosad? That’s super misleading. Makes everyone think they can get kilos for 250$. I would add in that its dirty crude. Common now

The extract isn’t certified organic the biomass was. Often organic biomass is dirty for one thing or another. I’ve seen it a lot. The value here is if someone wanted to fuck around with spinosad remediation and then flip isolate keys or something :person_shrugging:

Technically the producer of that biomass would lose their certification if the spinosad contamination was brought to the attention of their certifying agency, and they would have to restart the 3 year transition process. fk that.

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Idk if that’s accurate. Been in the USDA organic certified hemp game (growing and processing) and you can kinda get away with murder

I guess it would depend on your agency and how strict they are. We have 120 acres that has to go through transition for 3 years because the starts we used had trace amounts of synthetic fertilizer in the seed starter mix. For the 5 years before that it was all organic.

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I’ve got no skin in the game anymore but honest ignorant question here. Just got off the phone with a pal who’s on a state HIA board and he said that level may actually be passable in most markets including CA? Idk of that’s true or not but he said the levels are way low and not to big of a deal


My farmers already asked their respected certifying agencies about spinosad and is approved to use on all organic vegetables and hemp. The spinosad is easily remediate and hasn’t been showing up in any of our distillate coas. We will be getting our oil certified organic end of this month and the spinosad hasnt raised any red flags with the folks I’ve talked to… @Rockymtn24 no one is trying to mislead anyone pal, the COAs are available on the post :+1:t3: Try to be as transparent as possible.