2000mg heavy dose & 2000mg live resin gummies KCA full panel tested

Afternoon everyone,

We have 2 new products just released.
All of our products are treated just like mmj.

-All products in child safe packaging
-All products opaque so no advertising towards kids
-Cannverify one time qr codes for verification
-KCA full panel tested including metals and microbals

  • USA made reclaimed ocean plastic packaging

Here is a the heavy dose gummy info

100mg per gummy 2000mg per pack

Per Gummy: 3mg Delta-9 THC-P | 41mg Delta-8 | 22mg 9R HHC | 7mg 9S HHC | 17mg Delta-9 THC | & more

SA-230421-20771-Proendo-Wholesale-TAC-100-gummies-1.pdf (2.5 MB)

Live resin gummies info 112mg per gummy

Delta-8 (49.6mg) | Delta-9 (19.7mg) | Delta-10 (11.6mg) | 9R HHC (14.8mg) | 9S HHC (5mg) | CBD (1mg) | CBDA 4mg | Delta-8 Iso (3.64mg) | Delta-4 Iso (2.57mg)

Owls-Oil-Live-Resin-gummies.pdf (2.6 MB)

Now before you all come out with your pitch forks this has hemp live resin in the products. Yes it is mixed with other cannabinods.
Yes im sick of the bullshit marketing gimmicks.

If you would like to vent more please join me on youtube here where I show how sick to death i am with these reviewers.

I also have a video on what live resin is here

Live Resin and what its all about! - YouTube


Reminds me of when you see “juice” at the grocery store and look on the back label and it says
product contains 5% juice




The sourness is unbelievable.

We have kca full panels , child safe packing, more responsibility than any other products out there and all you do if point at the live resin.

We have all been doing our best to win in the cannabis industry.

I have been in this industry for 20 years.

I have watched the cannabis space be taken away from the people who helped build it.

Im fucking delighted how hemp is going.

It have given so many of us the opportunity to help people.

How about we fucking support each other if we are still standing rather than just bitching.

There are over 150 cannabinods discovered, hemp derived is here to stay.

Find your place.

@shattertramp you have crazy good flower from what i have seen.

There was time when people would have laughed for you growing hemp and not cannabis.

Im sure you sell plenty of buds to be infused or sprayed. I bet there is even people who try pass yours off as cannabis.

And you know what ?

Good for you.

I dont see many one here with full panel tests at kca especially for edibles.

Dont evem get me started on the flower but again i dont need to go down there talking about metals and microbals because we as an industry are still growing.

So please if you dont got something of value to add then kindly :pray: take it else where.




Can you show me what contributions your making ?

I have 200 videos i have put out trying to help understand this market better.

Im doing the same thing with these products and its fucking hard my brother. Very fucking hard.

How do i know this ? Becuase no really does it. The same reason you only show a camnabinod test for your flower.

No metals, no microbals , no terpenes why ?

Your posts have added zero to value to this thread. So if you arent going to try to even contribute in a constructive manner then get the fuck of my thread.

Give me some camnabinod my brother.

I need some of that fiya.


Looks like a great product for folks who enjoy those cannabinoids. The full panel is also a great selling point. I do like how it doesn’t say hemp gummies on the label since its got the full synthetics in it, although I personally feel the live resin label could be misleading, often times people see live resin and associate it with a 100% natural product. Perhaps “with added live resin” would be more accurate? Although im not sure. That is a tricky one.


Honestly Im just glad it has any live resin in it. Youd be appalled at the amount of people throwing “live resin” on their d8 thco botanical terpenes carts. Its to the point where you have to make stretch claims like calling these gummies live resin gummies or just full on lie to compete.


@ProEndo I commend you for getting a full panel, that is very refreshing to see these days. Do you have any reasoning behind the specific formulation for these gummies or are you trying to target the multy noid lovers that seem to be getting more common?


Appreciate it.

As the market has developed so have poeple tolerance.

We were getting requests for live resin gummies.

Im not sure who has actuallyy makes full live resin edibles but honestly having a bunch of terps is not very appealing to the tongue.

We have 25% live resin that we extactored outselves. We mixed that with our d8/d9 conversion. We had had requests for multiple camnabinod blends as thats what the customers wanted.

Originally i had 50% live resin and with all of the fakes on the market i was actually afriad of giving our wholesalers what they ask for “live resin” and then been told it tasted terrible

With the heavy dose gummies it was simple.

We wanted to give our clients the strongest cannabinods we had to offer. D9thcp if often justed in .5mg or even less. We did 3mg.

Its exclllent for people who want to have an extended duration product or for those who no longer get their needs met with just delta 8.

At the end of the day we are focused on us.

Doing what we do best which is offer superior products with accountability.

We are mvoing everything to twitter so please follow us over there for videos and trip reports on the our products.


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Bumpity bump

So your seeing cross tolerance between alt-cannabinoids in your clientele? I’d say that’s to be expected.

Yes. We are well past the days of just d8 or just d9. With much more access tolerance levels have gone up considerably.

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Have a laugh at me in this new video about our heavy dose gummies.

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Here is an emotional video about our heavy dose gummies.

I didnt even want to make these because i thought they were too strong.