2000 watt LED Comparison

Considering life at full brightness, best cooling, and best overall design,
which is better of these 3 or is there an even better one in this size?

What is better in the 2000’s? bang for buck as only light in a small tent?

  1. Viaspectra P2000
  2. SpiderFarmer SF2000
  3. Vivosun VS 2000

i tested with a rented meter and 600 watts in a 4x4 is more than enough light. it even needs co2 at that level, I spread it out with 3 lights per 4x8 adding to 1300 aprox either a 600 in the middle and 330s on each side or a 330 in the middle and 450s on the sides. The ppfd is like edge to edge and too much light.

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my advice- get a gavita or a quantum. not that name brand amazon garbagey stuff. I googled your sf2000= its a 200 watt quantum. its adequate for a 3x3 tent and could make good buds. For some reason the light manufacturers lie about watts? they arent 2000 watts at all.

What size light and tent for 4 plants do you recommend?

get a gavita 600 watt, look on craigslist, the lights you linked are bad. Because they arent just honest about watts, you need true wall watts. a 600 led will crush a 4x4 with co2= could be 4 10 ozers. Thats about what i think is max and it needs all your ducks in a row and a strain and all that. is 4 plants the limit or size? id run 4 big ones in a 4x 8 tent if the size isnt a limit. now you can get 4 1 lbers

Thank you. I want a good start and was bout to buy a pile of junk,

I am still looking at a mars hydro tent in the 4x4x80 size because IDK what other brands are any good.

do you know light styles? quantum vs bar vs hid?

I wouldnt recommend mars- they do dumb shit like lie about watts so im sure the leds are the lowest bin/ not good

I am currently running a 150 watt HPS sun grow systems for 1 plant. it looks like a mini version of tghe gavita. I do want to run LED this though so HPS is a no go for me, I see quantum boards, and drivers but is there a unit that is ballast and all in one?

ill link a light i think will work for you.

Not gonna buy the mars light but maybe a tent

Ac Infinity is nice for tents their fan system is slightly nicer then mars hydro and tent a little thicker. Just my opinion though both are decent for price point and what not.


im not telling you to buy it but if i dont win it for 200 then its because you outbid me.

what about these? Hydroponics & Growers - GROW LIGHTS - LED Grow Lights - AC Infinity

the 520 says in development and has 4 ballasts. like i posted theres a 200 dollar 600 wall watt light with a few burnt diodes on ebay- offer him 150 I figured all that out in a few mins- im an asset hire me.

those aren’t 2000 watts, they’re ‘2000 watt equivalents’

200w in reality I believe

on tents i have the old ones, gorilla and jardine. with my new amazon tents the walls instantly degrade. prolly me using h202 and it got in there and bubbled the coatings off.

but in reality you need 600 watts of led to equal 1k in hps. and its goofy- you need co2 and heat to get WAAY better yields than hps. you cant treat it the same, need to go tropical you wont look back wanna buy gavita de 1000s? i got em for sale