20% Water-Soluble CBD Powder Available

We have 30+ kg of our 20% water-soluble CBD powder in stock and ready for shipment. This is created from CBD isolate. DM for pricing, with sample requests, and/or questions regarding the product. COA and photo is attached. Proverde quantified it at 19.29% CBD and we quantified it at 20.93% CBD using Shimadzu’s high sensitivity method.

This product is priced to move. We have other potencies available and offer toll processing of your products into water-soluble powders and liquid. I will have an inventory sheet posted soon with COA’s.

03.19.2020 Water-Soluble Inventory - Sheet1.pdf (49.1 KB)

20% CBD PowderSol.pdf (894.1 KB)

Interesting. We offer broad-spectrum THC-free CBD powder with an attractive cannabinoid profile plus a guaranty of a 40%+CBD concentration. Our latest COA shows a 41.7% CBD concentration for example.

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water soluble? pantented?

Hi @yorkshire I’m not sure if you were asking @DeanHarris or myself.

Our product is water-soluble, yes.

@DeanHarris I would love to talk shop with you about your product. Please DM me to continue the conversation. Could you please get verified before selling products on this platform. I notice you are quite new to the forum, so I understand it is sometimes difficult to navigate. I have included the information below that will help you get verified. It is an easy process of sending @Future samples with COA’s and a $100 check. If you need assistance with this process I would be more than willing to help you out.

Topic: Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post

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I apologize. How did you get the idea I was trying to sell or advertise something?

water soluble, patented…three words, 2 question marks.

Please tell me out of those three words, you concluded that I was trying to sell something. Please pm me I would love to talk shop about it.

Hi @yorkshire I did not assume you were selling anything at all. I was directing that comment at @DeanHarris. I will DM you now. Sorry for the confusion.

@DeanHarris wasn’t directly advertising product, but I wanted to ensure he knew the policy regarding selling on this platform.

This 19% powder is about ~3-5% liquid water soluble if we did the deductive reasoning and back math.

Is this still available? What’s the price? How long is the shelf life?

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@Mgucci we always keep a limited supply of water-compatible powder and liquid in stock. If anyone would like a certain concentration we can make it to order, with extremely little lead time. We have been stating a 12-month shelf life, but our stability tests have exceeded that duration.