2-Way Humidity Packs for Pectin Gummies?

My Boveda sales rep says that putting their 69% RH 2-Way Humidity Packs will greatly extend the shelf-life of pectin gummies if we put them in the packaging.

Is this true?

I asked what size of pack to use for a jar of 10x 5g gummies, and what size to use in 20x 5g gummies. They say just use 4g packs in each case. “Better safe than sorry.” This made me skeptical.

If it’s true these packs will help substantially with shelf-life, I’m also curious what size pack I should use for a single-packed 5g gummy, and a 3-pack of 5g gummies.

Thanks in advance!

Nonsense - that is a formulation / packaging environment issue if you are considering putting boveda packs in with your gummies.


I agree with @raghanded

If your pectin gummys are having stability issues its the formulation

I have customers that have had my gummys packaged for over a year and they were still good


Good to know. Thanks guys!

Sooooo… I don’t know if Boveda packs would work or not. But there are people out there that have legit been doing this for non-cannabis companies for decades and decades. Experts in their field - who can assist you with extending shelf-life.

I’ve used multisorb for all kinds of products all over the world. Their experts are super helpful and have dozens of product lines for your specific kind of package.

If I was going to do something like this for gummies (I’m not, because gummies sell so quickly that trying to make them last longer than say, the year they already last seems silly to me) I would start here: Gummies - Multisorb

And I second the information from @Kingofthekush420 - I don’t have shelf stability issues with my formulation. So consider what’s going on there before making big changes. Adding something else in is if you are trying for longer extended shelf life - 69% packs would not be the way to go. 69% is ABOVE the level for microbial growth inhibition. That means you’re adding moisture where you would generally want to control and remove it.

The only way to really be sure would be to do a shelf stability study with your different configurations. Usually I’d volunteer to try something like this out in a batch for someone, but this seems a bit silly to me because of 69% stuff. So I don’t think they would extend anything for me at all.

There are also some options for how you want to do packaging - I’d check out different polymers that allow moisture in/out - BEFORE I started looking for putting something else into my pouch. Cause then I gotta have that “something” and use labor to “put it in the pouch”.

Let us know if you do end up doing the study and how it works out, please. <3


It’s all in the stoving with the pectin gummys…gotta get that moisture out before packing.