2 pope stainless steel 6", spray dyer, sonication parts, and Cryodax40 -70C chiller 40 HP

Hi Team! Just testing the waters with this before selling at auction. Let me know if you have any interest. Went out of business and the purchaser never used or paid for the popes and chiller, so the are coming back, still in original crates we shipped in. The other items were for a last-ditch effort that we are pulling the plug on as a result of having to get out of the building. Let me know if you need more details and photos/cut sheets.


Item Model/Manufacturer: Pope, Labfreeze, industrial sonomechanics, Mydax

Wiped Film: We have 2, 6" Stainless steel popes with distillate and residue pumps as well as feed pumps. Have been outfitted with larger SS feed containers. Includes vacuum pumps and heaters. We used them for 12 months about tops 20 hours a week. They were able to do about 3-4 kg/hour as configured. They were $125k when purchased new, 50K each our make an offer.

Spray dryer: Labfreeze glass model. Can run about 100-2000 grams per hour, depends on input and liquid content. Used to make water-soluble powder. Includes oilless air compressor. Cost $9000 with import and tariffs. $6000 or make an offer.

Sonicator Parts: BSP 1200 fullwave horn. BSP reaction chamber and barbell horn for continuous use. $7000 new, not used more than 20 hours. Make an offer

Cryodax40, -70C chiller, 480V, 3 phase 80 amps. Needs water cooling. Will chill 60 gallons of ethanol, 30’ away in under 45 minutes to -40C. Absolutely crushes. We had to run at lower flow due to the pressure but could do it faster. Used but maintained and not run more than 8 hours a day for less than a year. $95k new. $50K or make an offer.

Current location of item: Northern NV
Estimated lead time: 1 day
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: N/A

Hey I just picked up the Cryodax on auction.

We’re you guys running conversions at that place?

Any other items available, pls let me know.

I know alot of folks don’t pay their auction bills.

I’ll schedule pickup in the next week or so. Is after MJ biz week ok with you guys?

I will be hard pressed to get it done week of MJ Biz, my whole team will be in Vegas for the show with our truck and trailer :sweat_smile:

Hey any of the popes left?

Pope’s still available?

How about Popes? Are they still available?

Yea I have some avail.

Pope 6" stainless units.
Dm me I’ll get you my contact info.

if you’re still looking

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