2 BHOgart recovery pots - 4 Columns - $500

I have these two recovery pots from BHOGart

I use to use the one as a solvent tank and it worked really well.

$250 bucks each OBO

I have some 4x48 SS material columns for sell as well. $50 bucks each. I have 4.

IMG_2886.HEIC.pdf (19.4 MB)
IMG_1947.HEIC.pdf (18.2 MB)
IMG_6254.HEIC.pdf (20.1 MB)
IMG_7955.HEIC.pdf (19.0 MB)
IMG_8524.HEIC.pdf (17.0 MB) IMG_6254.HEIC.pdf (20.1 MB)


Great price! :+1:


I was thinking the same thing. Some people
Could have some 5lb extractors for under $750 if you played your cards right.

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Just gotta find someone to jump before it’s gone. @StoneD

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The base alone on the collection vessel is over 250 new. Lol.

Which one did use use as solvent tank

What size is this. The collection pot and solvent tank

The one that’s got a bottom drain and 4” top is the solvent tank. It’ll hold 35-40lbs of solvent easily.

I have one, mine just isn’t jacketed on the bottom half

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Where are these located?

I’ll take one pending logistics on pick up/shipping.

DM incoming

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yep thats exactly right!

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Southern California

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Sold already?

Text me 602-714-0018. I will take it

Still available dm?

Still available ??

Lol this was gone first day

Where are they located

They are now 3500 for the set you down tony?

3500 a set ??

Do you even read bro?

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