1ml Full Ceramic Disposable Vape-Dual airway system

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Heavy mental free, full ceramic central post, big ceramic coil suitable with thick oil, lower temperature can be customized for live rosin oil.
Samples available, If you have any question about vape product, feel free to ask.
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Full Size: 16.20mm15.3mm92mm

Weight: 20g

Capacity: 1.0ml

Intake hole: 4*1.8mm

Resistance: 1.25ohm

Bottom charging port: Micro USB(Android)

Company Name: machinabis

  1. Anti-clogging dual airflow system;

  2. All ceramic center post, heavy metal free;

  3. Customizable oil-window shape and size;

  4. Sleek and fashionable design with squared shape and

translucent mouthpiece;

  1. Big ceramic coil system with supreme cloud and taste than

most regular CBD disposables;

How much are 1ml disposables

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Hi we can ship 6pcs for free, shipping cost from China to the USA is around $30 by air cargo is on you this time, but will return in your next order, will take 12-15days received. Is that fine for you?

These mental free vapes are really taking off on this site

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Sure lol email me for personal details

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Free samples are available. 15 years original vape manufacturer.
Best selling disposable Noah:
:white_check_mark:Anti-clogging Dual Airflow System
:white_check_mark:Best Fit with Different Viscosity of Oil
:white_check_mark:Snap-on Mouthpiece
:white_check_mark:USB-C Charging Port
:white_check_mark:All Tank Capacities <= 3ML are Available!!!

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