19L Dirty Distillate - Cali


Located in Cali

https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4db709471a6caed5618075bc14b6396a20e13cdd.MP4 181228-204-PL-coa.pdf (775.1 KB)
181228-204-PL-pest.pdf (363.3 KB)

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What is iT tainted with ?

Licenced, unlicenced, thc , cbd, contaminates?

I just attached the COA and a Video above now, lmk if you can see it

THC we are licensed – just tried attaching COA above if it worked


do you ship or deliver to WA

I think I can fulfill your needs, I have 15L of cat 3 distillate tested at 91.4% i can send of the test reults if interested. We are looking for a take all buyer $8000 if interested or know someone who may be feel free to contact whenever. Thank you

whats the MOQ if not take all buyer?

I have one jar with 437.21g, I can offer that to you at $4,000 L2L

Can you email me…need clean disty asap!

We have 8000L of 99% THC. Cat 3 tested. $7000 a liter.

Hi Atom… I just emailed you… Hit me up… I can help.