150L Centrifuge For Sale Or Trade

Item: Brand new 150L, ethanol, jacketed, stainless steel, centrifuge for sale. Can process about 900lb of biomass per 8hr day. This machine is over 30% larger than the CUP-30. Ready to go now. Ill consider all offers

Location: Ukiah CA

Price:75k OBO

Hello. Could you call me later this morning? I’d like to discuss pricing and functions. Thanks!

920-372-2420 thx!

Is this item still available?

That unit sold but I have more if you’re interested?

What units do you have in stock?

Is this system c1d2 rated?

Is the system UL listed?

How you gonna charge 75k for something I can get on ali baba for 25% the cost?


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Go get one off Alibaba and let me know how that goes for you.

So…one can assume that yours is

  1. non-UL listed?
  2. non-explosion proof motor?

It has explosion proof motor and UL
Listed control unit

How is this one different from one from Alibaba