$1400 94% T-Free Distillate (670 Kilos)

Broad Spec/T-Free.
Was finalizing a deal for this exact price with Ritz Carlton when Covid hit. Offering it out now open market.
Single Kilos $1800
10+ Kilos $1600
USPS Priority 2-3 Day

Text 520-870-0996 or email Jack@FullBodyZen.com
Broad Spec N1T1 (1-02-20) PDF.pdf (201.1 KB)

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BroadSpecFullPanel_88%COA-converted-converted.pdf (367.2 KB)

Latest batch of T-Free Distillate 150K Avalible.
50Kilos @ $1400 Ea

150,000 kilos available? Wooweeeeeeeee

150 K(ilos)

Shit I wish I could get 1400$ a kilo. That’s pre COVID pricing man. Welcome to the new world! Where disti is 1200$ max and isolates like 600$ a kilo. Insanity

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We can work at 1200 for the right quantity. T-Free good minors is the key.