13CNMR Spectra of d9 and d8 THC

Not super interesting, but this community has been a major help to me and I’d like to contribute what little I can. Recently I did some NMR experiments on d8 and d9 THC. Here are some spectra - d8 is lighter blue on top and d9 is the darker blue one on bottom. These were run on a 300 MHz magnet with only 256 scans. Pretty easy to distinguish between d8 and d9. Some of the regions highlighting the differences are shown. I have some more NMR data including some 2D stuff, if anyone is interested, which I’ll be posting at some point. If you want the .fid’s for any reason just PM me. I’ll be updating the images with annotations and peak assignments once I get back on my computer with Chemdraw. Thanks for looking.


Very nice! And Thank you! Love seeing data