125 KG of Full Spectrum CO2 Crude READY TO SHIP

We have 125 KG of Full Spectrum CO2 Crude ready to ship.
Pricing from $1500-$2000 per KG, depending on volume.
Pm for COA’s and more information.

Can you send coa please

Thanks for reaching out. We have multiple COA’s, as we keep all batches of extract separate to insure accurate testing. I have attached three COA’s for your reference. I also included our product spec sheet with more information on our full spectrum extract.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Carolina Sweet Crude_Cold CO2 Extract.pdf (110.2 KB)

CS0073_192410-006_C.pdf (955.0 KB) CS0073_192410-007_C.pdf (947.1 KB) CS0073_192410-008_C.pdf (954.5 KB)

I’m surprised how much cbd there is compared with cbda ? I knew that some would declare from the pressure but I didn’t think it would be that high.

We see a wide range of ratios between the de-carbed form and acid form of Cannabinoids, in the final extract. We have found it has a lot to do with the drying process of the biomass. Growers who are using heat during the drying, typically de-carb the majority of the cannabinoids during the process (depending on time and temperature) . We also have several lots of extract, that have minimal de-carbed forms of cannabinoids, if you are interested in that. Ill be happy to pm you a COA. Just let me know.


Interesting fact about dryers decarbing