$1200/Kg ; $5/g maximum CBD ISOLATE & $4000/Kg ; $15/g maximum CBG ISOLATE EASY CC PROCESSING

Just reminding folks that we just dropped our isolate prices:

99% CBD Isolate
$1200 as low as $1000/Kg
$5 Single grams

99% CBG Isolate
$5000 to as low as $3500/Kg
$15 Single grams

Easy Credit Card Processing with Square, 1g Minimum, (yes one gram)


bought a little bit to sample, I’ll report back later


Thank you.

Good morning brother, I am writing to you from Peru I want to know if you could sell me 1 / 2kg (500 gr), if you can send it to California and if you receive PayPal to make the payment

My Email: Ventas@greenweed.pe

an email has been sent

Package landed today, everything appears to be on the up and up. I’d def like COAs included in the package in the future though, if you could send em over that’d be great


Can you send me the BATCH NUMBER that came along and I’ll be sure to get you the corresponding COA.

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We usually don’t send physical COA with such small orders. But are always willing to if requested.


It’s a nice habit to get into, especially if you want to make sure there are no issues in the event of a seizure

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@Krative CBD cures my cats seizures


U should be sending the coa for legal purposes…


Haha I meant a legal seizure
For real though, does CBD actually help your seizure having cat?

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Not MY cat
But my product
Helped a cat
That was seizuring

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How well does the cbd dab?

Cheapest pricing I seen for single grams will place an order soon. Definitely agree with other posters about the COA both for the buyer and you.

idk, I don’t like the taste of CBD

What does it taste like to you? Most cbd dabs I have bought in a pot shop taste like a pine tree.

I don’t like the taste of isolate/can’t dab it, but I heated a small portion on a piece of foil to smell it and it’s more chemically than I remember stuff from fully activated being. However, this is a super shitty test method and I can’t really help you beyond that, sorry.

I placed an order. This stuff will work either way lol.

I can attest to the CBD helping animals with seizures as well, I have a few customers that use one of my products for that specifically, others claim it helps their dogs that previously had crazy panic attacks. Others claim it helps older dogs be less stiff and arthritic
I also had to lower the dosage recommendation on my full spectrum pet product because apparently it was putting animals to sleep