-120°C 200L Chiller for Low Temperature Refrigeration

Description: DLSB-200/120 Low Temperature Coolant Chiller
Current location of item: on the way to LA warehouse by ocean shipping
Estimated lead time: 20 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 1 year
Application: Pre-chilling for ethanol tanks

You missed a REQUIRED part of that template:



-120°C chiller arrived to Los Angeles warehouse, anyone interested in, contact freely.


Good shit, what’s the price

:octopus: DLSB-200/120 chiller is $25000.

I wonder if I can trade a kidney instead

25k$ could get me tooth implants along with the bone grafts and tooth caps…

25k$ could buy me a car with a down payment on a year of car insurance

25k$ could buy me a new wardrobe of clothes.

25k$ could get me into a good therapist/psychiatrist

25k$ could get me a new extraction unit

25k$ could pay for community college tuition

25k$ I could refurbish my apartment and then have enough left over for new furniture.

… I could go on.

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I only paid $32500 for my house :joy: can I live in this chiller?


Depends, did the person who sold you your house also give you contortionist lessons?

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