12% To 14% CBD Colorado Registered Hemp Seeds For Sale (non-feminized)

We need some help moving our 12% to 14% CBD hemp seeds. They have been grown outdoors for the last 4 years with stable success of producing 12% to 14% CBD and under 0.3% THC. These seeds have been registered by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. The seeds are Colorado cultivated under USDA regulations. No pesticides have been used. They have been certified for germination, dormancy, variety, and CBD potency.

Seed Description
Our hemp seeds are a hybrid from the original Cherry Wine variety. They have a 95% germination and are essentially weed free (99.9%). The seeds are non-feminized, so it is recommended to seed clones first only planting females, or over plant and remove the male plants throughout the growing season with a large steady labor force. Average female:male ratio is 73:27. There is no cross-pollination contamination of this seed stock.

We are open to working with brokers or farmers. We require a minimum of one (1) pound of seed to be purchased. Each pound of seeds has 24,000 seeds. Quantity discounts are available.

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There was about 6 people a few weeks ago looking for seeds like this. Hope they find your thread

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How much per lb?

Finish date? Photos?

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We have the seeds right now. $2450 per pound (quantity discounts are available). There are 24,000 seeds per pound. DM me for the rest of the documentation (COA, Germination, Strain, Dept of Ag, etc).

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@SoluScience_Travis I’m in Denver currently, where in Colorado are you located?

Hi interested in seeds can travel. 406 595 8534



I’m looking for cherry wine seeds, please message me your contact info

Is the price still 2450?

The price for the seeds have come down to $1800 / lb (approx 24,000 seeds). These same seeds set the record in the state of Kansas at 16.9% CBD and under 0.3% THC. Let me know if you wish to order.

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Do you still have a lb available?

Yes, we do. I’ll direct message you for contact details.

Im looking for seeds email g-nitt@hotmail.com please send more infos.thanks alot!