11-hydroxy-THC in the market

Quarterly market availability warning from KCA:

We have yet to analyze a 11-hydroxy-THC sample from the market that actually contains 11-hydroxy-THC. Materials labeled as such are typically low purity D8 distillates. Scanning QR codes from packaging shows a variety of unsatisfying results, including hits for the same 9B-hydroxy-HHC COA being passed around the industry.

We test for many cannabinoids and their metabolites in a variety of matrices, including 11-hydroxy-THC and 9B-hydroxy-HHC.

Don’t get suckered into buying materials without having them tested yourself.


9 hydroxy HHC kinda nice tho. You ever try it?

thank you.

No, seems like the only way to try it is to crack open an ampule of it in methanol.

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thank you kca for the clarity on this noid. it’s a shitshow and you are the kind of hero we need in these times!