10x12 UL listed on sale 1 in stock

Item Model/Manufacturer: Advanced Extraction Labs
Description: 10x12 C1D1 extraction lab. UL listed and PSI peer reviewed. Lab comes with all gas detectors, exhaust system, control panel, and more!
Price/MSRP: $35,500
Current location of item: Santa Rosa, CA
Estimated lead time: 8 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 3 year

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10x12 UL listed on sale 1 in stock

so the idea is folks will click on this to FIND OUT what you’re selling?

I suspect greater success would come from actually putting a couple more words in that title…

on the other hand, I certainly clicked to figure out what an “10x12UL listed” might be…

You tag with distillate & distillation, neither of which require a “10 x 12 UL listed”, OR a

Tag it with #%^>?€€ing extraction-booth!

“Ethanol” & “extraction” are also only glancingly related.

Extracting with ethanol is generally considered a C1 D2 operation, so you’re not making a whole lot of sense.

You ought try it if you want $ or €

Edit: …and folks are beginning to complain of SPAM, which without looking further seems like a reasonable assertion given the quality of this post.

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I am a fan of your products.

Would you walk me through the entire process from purchase of a booth from you to the day I am able to extract in a licensed facility (obviously states vary)

Do I need an architect?
Do I need an electrician?
Will I need a site engineer?
Does the fire department get involved at any point and if so how ?

Are theses lab units from you UL listed while others are not? What does that do for the customer?

Thank you.


@standardoil Hello! Once you purchase a lab from us, we send you a permit package with all engineer and architect stamps. From that point you would submit to the city for your permits, and once approved they would schedule inspections for your new lab. The fire Dept would need to come out also for their round of inspections. Once they sign off you are able to start using them! The UL listing is becoming a requirement for a permit by many jurisdictions, so you are covered with your purchase through us. There are only 3 companies holding UL listings for extraction labs


Thanks for the information. Very helpful.


Hey! Quick question, I was wondering which jurisdictions are requiring UL listed rooms?

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Currently we know that Oklahoma, Montana, Massachusetts, and Michigan are all requiring a UL listing for C1D1 rooms. We are getting more and more calls everyday with new areas requiring this.


Interesting, we do a lot to stay on top of regs nationally, I’m in Oklahoma and speak with State Fire Marshals office, OMMA, LPG, and local AHJ’s regularly, but I haven’t seen or heard this. Would you mind sending the information you have regarding those requirements? I just want to make sure others have the correct information and we can provide documentation. The last thing any of us want is any misinformation floating around. Appreciate it.

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Sure thing! I would be glad to help. It is a relatively new requirement. What is a good email i can send that over to? @ExtractionBoothLady

Awesome, courtney@pbsindustries.com

Thank you @AELLabs