100lb/8hr shift passive BHO system for sale (chiller/heater included)

Item Model/Manufacturer: Custom-made

4 jacketed biomass columns 12x30" (fits 25lbs of material each, 70lbs solvent each)
1/2 inch lines
150lbs jacketed solvent vessel with side glasses
Surge tank not jacketed 12" x 60" (fits 130lbs solvent)
Jacketed CRC 24" x 6" (1micron sintered disk bottom, perforated plate, body, top cap with side glasses, swage lock needle valve)
Collection vessel 100lbs jacketed with side glasses
1,5" vapor lines
Mol sieve filter dryer 36" x 4"
1,5" vapor line goes into two separate dry ice coils 1/2" then back to the
cold solvent vessel
12KW heater Chinese 3 phase
3,5KW chiller Chinese 3 phase

Please contact me for addtitoanl inforamtion

Price/MSRP: $40,000
Current location of the item: Sun Valley, CA
Estimated lead time: Ready to go
Fulfillment: Direct from the seller
User support / Warranty: n/a

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