100L jacketed glass reactor, 50L rotary evaporator, centrifuge, 10L/H spray dryer

Description:100L jacketed glass reactor, 5002-rotary evaporator, centrifuge, 10L/H spray dryer and so on. US warehouse, European warehouse are in stock. It’s very convenient for shipping to your door or pick up.
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Current location of item:U.S. warehouses and European warehouses are in stock
Estimated lead time: 1-4 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 1year

I need a 50L glass reactor, can you give me the price?

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Yes, we can communicate via WhatsApp

There is now a shipment ready to be sent to the European warehouse - 2L spray
Dryer, 100L glass reactor

What does the rotary evaporator use for cooling, does anyone know?
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What is the model of the centrifuge?

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I bought one 50L rotary evaporator from them, professional extraction equipment manufacturer.

Shipping! ! !
This batch of 50L jacketed glass reactors will be shipped to #American#Italy.
If you need, please contact me in time

Email: sales005@zzkdinstruments.com