1000 lbs of biomass a day

I’m looking to switch gears potentially and ramp up production . What sort of equipment would be needed to be able to run 1000 lbs of biomass (CBD) a day ? I’ve used the search feature and am coming up short…

Pay this guy @Killa12345

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Two cup 30’s will do 1200 in an 8 hour shift…

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Hemp spreadsheet will give you a good indication eventhou many additional players have entered the market

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Only if you Wana roll your skid outside during each use! :wink:

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Are you looking for ethanol recovery as well?

May have something of interest for ya.

Remember… take into account your power source and needs when scaling.

What’s the power pull on one of those?

230V 15 Amp 3 Phase

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Cups are good but jeebus the cost on em… :exploding_head:


What if I told you I have a unit that’ll use 30amp single phase (with converter), 500lb an hour?:sunglasses:


Can you flood it ??


Has this unit been put to the test? What’s the ticket like :grimacing:.

Would that be batch or continuous 500 pounds an hour?

Been tested with room temp and cryo EToH


It’s a stainless wine press with mesh bags, dual tanks

Id say Go ON…:thinking:

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It’s a dual tank hydraulic wine press, all stainless, with a Tri-clamp mounted to the ram lid for flooding. From there, it’ll go into a 3 stage filtration for chlorophyll removal and wax removal (and another for whatever your little hearts desire😁) into a pre-heat tank, into a falling FFE where the oil and ethanol will collect on either side and be able to be pumped off. Full tweaking to end percentage of ethanol that you want (if you choose to cryo for winterization after FFE or in-line dewaxing). The ethanol will be pumped back through a column with proof-up beads and back into the tank. Then the cycle starts over again.

Only will require two heaters and a few ethanol pumps and some nitro (to speed up the push through the filtration). Very simplistic design, but it’ll loop. Total power consumption is about 80 amps of single phase 110v and 220v.

Scalable to whatever size you need (as small as 50lb an hour up to 2k lb an hour (power consumption will change of course).

Figuring out cost on it (as my prototype was free and some will not want the filtration), but it will be cheaper then the 1 centrifuge for everything.

Now, working on a SS TFW to cut people’s cost on those next😎


It’s close enough to being done and block chained I can release some specs on it