100 liter glass reactor - looking to purchase

Looking to purchase a 100 liter glass reactor.

Does anyone have one they are looking to get rid of?

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I need one too :slight_smile:

Me three!

Conversion take over



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We have them with single or double wall options. Did you need it explosion proof or UL rated?


I just need a single jacket, doesn’t need to be explosion proof/ul rated.

I think we are looking for used 100l reactors.

I can pickup a brand new single jacketed Chinese 100l reactor in LA for roughly 5k, this is the price to beat for me at least.

Just checked your site and looks like a single jacketed 100l reactor is over 13k from you, is this an explosion proof and ul rated reactor?

The 13k is for UL rated but not explosion proof. The non-UL rated 100L single jacket reactor is usually $10,250 and I’ll take off 2k so would be $8250 for you.

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Is this including shipping?

depends on your time frame. These are going to be shipped from the factory in China so if we can ship by boat (3-4 weeks) then I will ship it to you for free.
If you need it sooner then we have to air ship it which is very expensive and cannot afford any further discounting.
What is your thoughts on higher quality US made reactors? I know if we can bring the glass manufacturing in house we can make some huge improvements to quality and shorten lead time. The prices would be much higher though. Likely 2x what we charge now. Would this be a deal breaker for you, or would you still be interested? (just gauging opinions at this point).

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I’ll get you a reactor made in USA for 20% above China cost. Let me know what you need.

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Ok I understand.

I need this very soon and couldn’t wait that long unfortunately.

A big selling point for the one in LA is that it was already brought over by boat from China and was actually in stock down there.

They also will ship it for free (takes 6 days) but I was just going to drive down and pick it up.

Maybe down the road I’d be interested in a US made reactor but for now I’m on a budget.

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It’s at Scientific Solutions? No worries brotha I understand.

It’s not from them, it’s just from a Chinese company that keeps some equipment in stock at a warehouse in LA.

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3, 100 liter reactors in Eugene

$7k each