1 ton a day of Ethanol recovery


Hi guys,

I am very new to this forum but ill give it a go as I dont have anywhere else to go to.
I am looking to recover about a ton of Ethanol a day from my QWET, currently have a huge bottleneck with a 20L rotovap who obviously doesnt get the job done.(wasnt my choice to purchase it…)
So can anyone please direct me to companies that do exactly this? was thinking to go for FFE that would do abour 150L an hour but have failed to find a reliable vendor to help me with that.
other forms of recovery would also be considered of course, BTW the facility is GMP approved.

I would truely appreciate any help that might come, thank you very much guys!!


Bizzybee makes certified FFEs. @710ST


ill go check them out right now, thank you very much!!
any other leads?


Agile Stainless, @PinnacleStainless, @TruSteel, @DeltaSeparationsNate

All of them offer GLG discounts greater than the cost of a membership :wink:


So I checked Pinnacle out and currently waiting for an email back from them.
Delta wont ship to where I live and Agile seem to be a brewing equipment company?

thank you for the reply and help of course


wont work, Delta doesnt want to send units abroad due to lack of international support and maintanance.


Check out www.bizzybee.com


we have aunit that will be ready in about 2 weeks and can process the volume you are looking for. We sell these units all the time and its a bulk ethanol removal system and purification



Yes we build brewing equipment as well as food and beverage. But we also have a 2GPM FFE for solvent recovery. We are in the final stages of our peer review and certification process. We’ll be putting the word out very soon and will start taking orders for Croptober 2019 delivery. Please send me an email at agilestainless@gmail.com with your company info and shipping address and we’ll get you set up.



You seriously need to post specifics on your website, I don’t know why anybody would trust an “I’ll have it ready in 2 weeks” post when there’s so many dishonest people and businesses in this industry.


OP: Do you want to evaporate a ton of biomass extraction worth of ethanol a day, or a ton of ethanol a day?

If the former, we need details on how many washes you plan, are you using a centrifuge, etc to give you meaningful advice.

If the latter, 1 gallon ethanol = 6.59 lbs. 2000/6.59 = 303.5 (rounded) gallons. Converted to liters that’s 1148.9
Knowing that you’ll produce 303.5 gals/day or 1148.9 liters/day, how fast do you want/need to do it? 8 hour day, 10 hour day, 2x 8 hour shifts?


Yes there are a lot of dishonest people out there but we are not in that category. We have been building these for several years now and have many happy clients. The unit is almost finished


Proof is in the pudding, how are we supposed to distinguish you from the shysters if you can’t even update your website?


Here’s an interesting concept. Solvent liquid ring system.

This might be “too much” for some folks



Maratek solvent recovery systems come with those.


That looks awesome. Have to wonder what kind of service life a unit like that has and what a rebuild costs. Also have to wonder what the smallest unit they sell is, for what most of us are doing a vacuum pump the size of that skid is going to be about 50x larger than we actually need.


waiting for their reply, thanks buddy


We are a company that only runs Cannabis sativa plants meaning no hemp products, we get our high CBD crude from CBD rich cannabis strains.
Now during 3, 8 hour shifts we use 1 ton of ethanol, I need to recover as much as I can from the ethanol in the fastest time but also have the process be very efficient.
Now we have a serious bottleneck because someone before me thought that a 20L Buchi rotovap would get the job done…

Is it more clear now?


heard about those guys, I will shoot them an email also, thanks.