1 Kg of CBD Isolate and 1Kg of CBDA

Does anyone here have these?

How many 100’s did you need? @Mosaic_Co-Labs


I was just talking to a lab director about a very nice cbda process- I will ask tomorrow about availability

CANNA-VENTURES OF WV RBRRFSO19 - Potency.pdf (168.8 KB)

The image in the middle and the top Petri dish is our standard CBDa oil


Can do the isolate too, also these are awesome extracts we’re working on new batches of CBDa Sugar.pdf (4.1 MB) CANNA-VENTURES OF WV CBDa Shatter - Potency.pdf (167.2 KB)

Both of them are “D9 compliant” and have similar flower-like thc numbers


What the word on the isolate?

what kind of pricing?

Shoot me a DM on the qtys you’re thinking you could use

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What’s up with these

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