1.9 AI and complete 5 lbs closed loop system needs to go ASAP

1.9 cu across international with vacuum pump and entire extraction setup need to go this weekend. Feel free to send me your offers if you are able to pick it up in SD this weekend. Not willing to piece things out (besides the BHO tank since I get the deposit back on that)

These are all the parts of the extractor

5 lbs open source steel bho butane hash oil extractor for sale. Can be used for lavender, marijuana, cannabis, weed, and any other plant
Closed loop system, but can also be used for open blasting

Extractor includes:
Sleeved material column
CRC column (color remediation column)
15+ lbs of filter media from Chemtek, Media Bros and Carbon Chemistry
Jacketed collection pot with sight glass
Molecular sieve with beads and sock
Stainless solvent tank/recovery tank
N2 bottle and Nitrogen setup for nitrogen push
Lots of extra parts- like filters, valves (some compression, some regular), connectors, extra collection pot top with sight glass and spool
Explosion proof fan
Refrigerant scale
100lbs n-butane tank (approximately half full)

Still this system? Might want to update pics with the vac oven.

Heady trades?

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No sorry