1:1 D8:D8THCv Distillate 3kg Available 99.92% Total Cannabinoids

Hi guys, this is made from CBDv Biomass- has had preliminary media stack prior to distillation and 15 washes in low to high ph DI water. Color is amber in jar, lovely gold in cartridges. Please no lowballs, $12k/kg

D8THCV020222.pdf (1.7 MB)

Did the cbdv biomass have cbd?

You isolated cbdv with cbd and then converted?

This seems cut with cbd made d8 to me and then cut with cbdv made d8thcv?

Here are the corresponding and progressive COAs from flower to crude, and then to distillate. All CBDv biomass has CBD in it. Let me know if you’re interested.

Green Thumb Forbidden Varian CBDv Flower - T000174499 Terpenes.pdf (196.0 KB)
Green Thumb Pine Walker CBDv Flower - T000174497 Terpenes.pdf (194.5 KB)
Pinewalker CBDv RFSO GTPWCBDV112921.pdf (1.0 MB)
CBDv.CBD DistCBDV120921.pdf (1011.8 KB)


this may be an ignorant question, but I am puzzled by delta 8 THC-o-Acetate appearing in the sample. Any idea if thats misidentified or actually present

Why would it make sense to cut it with D8 and lower the potency?

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It’s likely a trace generated off the reaction. You can see if you look at the COAs that we put quite a bit of effort into pushing up the potency. We pass it through a column with 5 different medias in it, and then distill it twice. The loss from raw oil is quite significant. We are currently developing isolation methodology but this has a great effect in edibles or in carts and is not harsh to vape at all. Carts have a nice golden color. Highest potency THCv cart I’ve seen recently is 250mg/g. Only .08% unknowns here, not too shabby


Whoops, uploaded the terpene COAs before- here’s the Cannabinoids on the flower

GTB - 2021 - Forbidden V - CBDV -Flower Results[19073].pdf (1.5 MB)
GTB - 2021- Pine Walker - CBDV[19074].pdf (1.8 MB)

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Mixed ratio isolate isn’t as common to see so I begged the question for clarification and you knocked it out of the ballpark.

Many people cut products to make blends and I appreciate knowing this is seed to finished product converted. Unique.

Curious on how the other cannabinoids converted or were separated. Because they neared 1%+

Going from higher cbd to higher d8thcv ratio. Just observing and trying to learn.