Yellowstone Falling Film for sale

Item: Yellowstone Falling Film

Location: Miami, FL

Hello all,

We are in the market to sell our Yellowstone Falling Film. It is a great machine that can recover solvents at a rate of 70-80Gal/Hr. This machine has the capability to recover ethanol, isopropyl, hexane, methanol, really just about anything that you’d want to recover.

We’ve used it daily since November of 2019 and it has been quite the powerhouse for us. However, we are switching over from extraction to sole distillation and no longer require the falling film.

We have spoken to Yellowstone Extraction Co. and they are willing to refurbish the machine and renew the warranty if a buyer is interested. You will essentially be buying a new machine with little to no lead time at a discounted rate, there’s really no losing here.

70-80Gal/Hr recovery
No chiller required
Turnkey – set it and forget it
Customer Service is unmatched in this industry
It’s fun watching the solvent condense

Radiator must be kept outside
Requires adequate ventilation, but really all falling films do.

Below are a few pictures of the machine:


A price would be helpful

@Rowan DM’d you.

For all other inquirers, DM for price. I probably should have added that into the listing.

I remember when @downtheterphole installed this unit. We had a good time at the social club one night. :smirk:


“Safety Meeting”


“No chiller required” is it air cooled? How low temperature can it hit? Is there vacuum involved or is it all Ambient? Can it remove pentane if it’s 30c outside?

I have questions.


can boil and condense anything with bp above ambient.
no vacuum involved, but can be.

edit: non glass condenser units can run more solvents and at more pressure.

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