Which BHO system is the best?


I am a project manager working to open a new manufacturing facility in San Diego.
I am looking into ETS, Precision Extraction, Luna Tech. If you have another recommendation please tell us more about it. Throughput, yield, cost, maintenance requirements, specs, pros/cons versus other systems.


Well you could say im a bit bias :slight_smile:

ETS makes a good quality unit also, nothing bad to say about them. The Haskel’s are a bit (really) loud and need to be rebuilt often, I know they were working on switching that, im not sure if that is the case.

I think our units operate to lower temps and are better for things like Live, Sauce, etc. We are also quite a bit larger as a company (more dedicated field and service techs “bandwidth”) and can offer end to end solutions including lab design, C1D1 walk in rooms, pumps, wiped film, etc. Our newest series will come turn key GMP compliant starting April 1, so that helps with coming regs. We also have an office in SoCal to support parts etc.

I haven’t honestly heard much about the Luna. The design is elegant, but complexed. For the throughput, the price is high. Im not sure the size of their company but you should assess their resources to support you long term (2-5 year plan).


Im not sure if there is a “best” out there. Its more the operator of the equipment. I run a second gen. Sub zero with many mods to make it the best i can. Now its more of a Frankenstein than a subzero. I know every nuance of it. I do pretty good with it. It seems like this field is always in a state of flux. Always something bigger and beter in 6 months


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