Where is the money?

I would say incorporating data mining onto every consumer product so people/patients can leave feedback attributed to the cannabinoid and terpenenoid products. Aggregated data across hundreds of thousands of people to share how they react to certain strains, delivery systems, etc.

Only problem is, most canna cos wont want to share this data (I tried). Everyone wants to hoard their data.


If you want to make money sell black market weed from your couch. Or invest in cannabis stocks. If you want to make good products, support the industry and ensure that future generations have legal access to this plant then welcome aboard. If you havent worked a day in this industry then you better be prepared to pay a lot to consultants.

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So you want to be a small pharma company. But when federally legal to go that route will likely involve FDA rules so you may have to do a safety study Phase 1 trial first then submit results. Once those are approved then start efficacy phase 2 trial then submit results. Then if you want to change formula go back to phase 1 trials etc. Everything done on a slow FDA time table while your competition is looking over your trial and making changes to their products based upon your data. It will be a lion eat lion jungle in my opinion.

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For me it s even worse not legal here
But i think that this can be of valeu to the market as a whole
And my curiosity :blush:
The Nosea medication and epilepsy medication only got started when patients started claiming relief
From crude oil or smoking
And i speak to so many that have some relief using these products
But no data to back it up


Where your passion lands! If you have a true passion for the plant your determination will set you free. Solventless hash rosin in my opinion is the next cash cow!


True words bro, My hobby is in no way successful, but there is nothing i’d rather be doing , the road is long and winding, I would hope to be proficient at some point along the line here,with greater understanding ,I’ve woken up in panics wondering what the fuck am i doing? But i just cant stop, i’ve had worse addictions


Find a niche. Automate it. Repeat.
Diversify income streams as well as assets.
Invest in self and systems that reduce or eliminate your daily cost of living.
Spend more time enjoying life




What kind of money?
Long or short ?

Money, like most things is a matter of perspective.

When I quit shooting dope in ‘13 I thought $1,000 could buy the world.
Now I’m in A $10mm+ Series A raise wondering if we’ve given ourself enough room.

@Future said it best, enjoy your life.
Cannabis can unlock dreams if you have them, licks are in every industry.


Well not a pharma company I hate paper work :joy:
But I do think that some data must be accumulated on a simple basis
To give leads to who ever


I want to share the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in this industry. If you haven’t learned this lesson yet, no joke it can change your life.

I also want to share a money making idea I have, never fully implemented myself but have made some good money off parts of it, if you have the will to take it all the way you could do very well with it.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is what value is :sunglasses:. I know many of y’all have already learned but most people haven’t got a clue what value is and how to provide it. Our school system and society tends to instill in people a very limiting idea of value. Once you understand value your whole outlook on money and life will change.

I used to quote consulting and construction jobs for people based off man hours and materials, I’d charge 100 to 200 per hour for my time, plus any help I’d have to hire at their rate, plus materials, then multiply that total by 2 or 3. Looking at things from my perspective that seemed great.

My mentor taught me to break things down from the clients perspective but using your knowledge. If you have exceptional knowledge and skills and the ability to move quickly (speed is key most people building a legal facility will pay stupid money for speed), often times you provide many times more value to them than you would think based off resource inputs. Understanding value and being able to present the true value of what your doing for a client is the easiest way to multiply your income without doing extra work. And when you learn how to present value correctly to prospective clients, they will be ecstatic to cut you a check or deposit money into your account. It’s an awesome feeling to watch someone write you check smiling ear to ear feeling like a genius because they’re saving time and money while gaining peace of mind by going with you.

Here’s a money making idea:

Do a complete breakdown of laws in a recently legalized state and put it in a pdf that is accessible to the layperson. This can also be done for city ordinances if they apply. Offer these ebooks for free as a form of lead generation.

Set up a professional website. Make friends with the clerks at as many building departments or other government organizations as possible. Quality over quantity of relationships. They get asked all the time for help because people are clueless and don’t know where else to go. You are providing value to them if you can if you make it easy for them to point people in the right direction so they don’t have to deal with bs all day. Any effort you put into making friends and providing value to city and state employees will pay you back many fold. Don’t be an idiot and do anything illegal to gain favor, if you walk the line carefully you’ll get much farther. Value comes in all forms, a genuine smile and an understanding ear can go farther than $1m in a duffel bag, true story.

After you are well versed in the laws write SOPs and fill out all applications for licensing, make PDFs of these with blanks for client specific information and give good instructions on how a given client needs to fill out these apps. Sell for $5-10k

If you go above and beyond on these ebooks, by really making it easy for your client to take them and use them to apply for licensing, you are providing insane value, many times the asking price.

Once you have these set up it will also be super easy for you to do applications for people that don’t want to do it themselves. Charge around 20k to do them yourself.

Now before you start selling anything, find one person that needs help, if you need to, do it for free, or offer a guarantee or money back, whatever you need to do to get the first client. Go above and beyond for that client. Once you pull off one you got experience and a reference.

It is really important to do this for the right person, every town has a fixer or people that play the game and know everyone, everyone in town should know who the power brokers are ask around and you’ll find out. Many times these people use favors and influence to compensate for being low on funds, but they will know all the rich chumps, help them and they’ll pay you back 10x by selling your services for you. The more influential the first person you help is and the more value you provide your first client the faster your business will grow.

Once you have this down the actual applications can be automated, they’re super easy once you’ve done a couple and you can train someone to take that over. Seeing as how you can automate most of the application process I’d price the ebook high and use it as a decoy price to highlight the value of the full service.

Depending on your skill set you can spin this into other forms of consulting or construction. At the very least if you understand the laws you should be able to do security camera and access control layouts, this can be an easy $2-5k for several hours of work. Any needs clients may have that you can’t fulfill, find someone that can and make friends with them act as an affiliate for these other service providers.

Get creative and build a little permaculture network of contractors, service providers and material providers, where everyone’s back gets scratched, be the linchpin that keeps the wheels moving and holds everything together. The linchpin does very little work in moving a wagon, but it provides the most value because a wagon goes nowhere without it.

Now not everyone will be able to do this. It’s a lot of work, won’t pay right away, and takes a certain type of character but it can be relatively easy money once you get the initial leg work out of the way and develop a strong circle of associates.

Every step of the way figure out how to add the most value with the least input for everyone you interact with, always go above an beyond, and always put people over money. Remember providinng value always pays off, act from abundance not scarcity.


Subscription based education, networking events and consulting services :wink:


They all need technology.

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Yessir possibilities are endless.

Also this ties in with what I stated above. Getting CUPs is super easy once you know what a city wants and can be stupid valuable to the right person, I’ve watched my mentor sell guarantees of a CUP within a week for 50 to 100k depending on the client.

These clients had generally already paid 100-300k to an architectural/engineering firm that gave them 100 plus sheet set of plans that the city sat on for a couple months because it was too difficult for their inspectors to understand.

We’d do the applications and simple plans in sketchup while enjoying dinner and a glass of scotch. Maybe 6hrs work between us on the plans and apps. Then a full day at the city making sure the plans got looked at and didn’t just sit around collecting dust.

This sort of stuff is how we funded building a vertically integrated facility 400 led flower lights, 200 veg lights, type 7 manufacturing with full kitchen and a distribution facility


I think this company definitely have some holes a competitor could fill. https://cb2insights.com/services

Sweet, everyone has something different to say and we have had zero arguments. Incredible guys. Now a good question, who is making the money?


harsh reality


im not getting rich. But im living a super comfortable life. It really depends on what you thing is a lot of money. Personally i think taking home 150k after taxes is a lot of money. if you cant living making 150k, you have some serious spending habits. In reality, i only need about 40k a year to live. I live absolutely debt free. My son college is prepaid already. i save up for retirement. I have investments paying off passive income that amounts to my yearly bills already. got a few years income saved up for a rainy day!

hmmmmm. I dont know what else you need. Yes, i would like a Lamborghini. Straight up…i would love one. Do i need one…no. I drive 2x newer cars that have less than 25k miles on them. Both are paid off. They were cheap as fuck. Can i afford something much more expensive. Of course i can but i like to spend money as well. I look at friends i have with really expensive car payments and i equate it to a vacation i can take every month.

It really is about being comfortable in your own skin. Im never embarrassed where i came from to where im now. Like is too short to about worrying about paper with slave owners on them. Its about living each day to its fullest. When you find happiness…it really dont take much to bring joy! Money is certainly not it! Losing it on the otherhand can bring some real depression!..


Who is making the money? People with creativity and drive. People who invest in their companies / dreams. People who dedicate their lives to research and put in long days and figure out what will be the next hot thing in the market… getting ahead of it before others figure it out and drive the price down.