What temp do you heat distillate/terp for cart filling?

It’s only at this temp for about 1-1.5 hours. Have not detected a THC difference at start and end. You can smell the terps coming off but the carts are still flavored. We do not currently use a GC for terp analysis so can’t say for certain what’s happening there…

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Thanks. I haven’t been testing temperatures but will start to on my next batch.

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Most companies using autofillers are filling at temps between 125-150F.

Above 150f is very risky territory depending on the how long the material is held at those temperatures for.

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The 120f range is what I was thinking was a comfortable and safe temp.

i do 80C (176f) on the hot plate

the mixture never reaches that temp. For actual temp I try not to heat over 150f


in my experience i wouldnt go above 130 F, it may take you longer but you wont have any degredation of terpenes, THC, etc

This is William from ikrusher inc.


Yo! Take it from someone who has done major time filling carts. Use a hot water bath. Low heat on the stove is fine. I keep my distillate cart mix in a PYREX media storage bottle so no steam condenses on the inside walls of a beaker.

Here’s the trick, don’t attempt to draw the distillate into the syringe. Use a 10ml glass syringe with an appropriate gauge luer lock blunt tip for your cart. Remove the glass plunger and pour your distillate into the syringe. Use a heat gun on the tip to increase flow. Make sure to clean walls of the plunger to the syringe each time you remove it.

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You mean 130 C, right?

Glass syringe! You can heat it up w heat gun. Pour your distillate into top with plunger removed. Your life is about to change.

My hotplate/stirer gets to 155Fish and the oil mixture about 111-120ish
And pour it in capped syringe like @boutybouty suggested save time and energy…

Hey @boutybouty @Mumbles, which syringes do you guys use? Would love to put your methods into practice…

If you’re looking for a semi-automatic solution you should check out the FiftyShot. You can fill 100 units in five minutes without breaking a sweat. It’ll keep your oil and your needle the perfect temperature to prevent your oil from ever seizing up on you. Feel free to call, email or message if you have any questions.

Video of the FiftyShot in action by a first time user:


Our Cart Shooters use 140f, for flawless filling.


I have tried both, the 50 shot was better, but still not optimal. When will someone develop a tube fed system?

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10ml or 30ml glass with stainless tip usually 16 gauge. The repeater ones are cool idea never tried one. If youre mix is moderatly high in terp or mct you do not need to heat to fill. Infact its better to let it cool to fill. When its really hot an thin it can flood the coil leaving half empty looking carts or worse leak if you have bottom airflow. If its pure isolate with no cut I would say 100F should be plenty to get it moving. If my syringe gets stuck/clogged i just touch it with the torch quickly and warm it back up

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I would say 80-90 C to fill 90% with terps vape oil. That Fifty shot looks good, I have never used it . You can cap the carts using "Vape Bit " . It works well.

Keep in mind, you have to get those caps in before that oil cools down and gets too hard.

You can always use a glass syringe that you can heat as you fill. I think the one I have used is 50 or 100 mL. You should use the gauge size that works best for your carts and oil. You can get the glass syringes and leur lock dispensing needles, if you want to stay low cost.

I’ve been doing R&D on cart filling, I have seen drastic changes to LR/distillate when filling. If heated above 50 degrees C, the terp profile is missing nodes - seems like only the bottom node is left.

there are tube fed systems. I know a good one. Pricey tho at $21,600. They’ll come out and set it up for you as well and show you exactly how to make product from what one has. Not sure how to direct contact you on here. If you know how, contact me.

click on your avatar, in the upper right corner.

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