What Jobs Make The Most Within The Cannabis Industry?


Which was one of the reasons behind “biology” in my case…not so much math :wink:
the minor in chem on my BSc has certainly proven useful.


A chem minor is what I wanted to do, but my minor had to be in the humanities department with my major so I chose psychology. I wish going into biology instead would have crossed my mind. Or even biochem, as friends who went that route have said it was far easier than a chemistry or even biology major. I did get to take some pretty kickass psychopharmacology classes, though. Nothing like talking about how different drugs affect the brain and behavior to get my ass focused. Having cool professors who were into nootropics, psychedelics, and other mental performance enhancing drugs/strategies definitely helped. :nerd_face:


I was gonna go for biochemistry this year.


By this post I am assuming you are going to college now or something. You should study chemistry and biochem, double major if you have a choice. Chemistry has been useful in my experience than biochemistry.


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