What happened to my THC content? Lab says conversion into delta10. How?


Or you could just tell me since your obviously such a Master-Extractor-Weed-God.


What was the length of time the distillation took place? What was the temperature the main fraction came over? What was your pot temperature. How much oil did you process in this run?

I’m guessing a high pot and head temp, with 6-8 hour run…


Okay, cant tell if youre being a douche or just being funny. I cant give you the typical answer because of a verbal nda… but i will tell you, you dont fit the criteria for it. If there is no change in your methods, then i need to know the exact distillation setup, wherher you are testing material going in as well as out, those results, grease youre using… and a bunch of factors… something is a miss.


If it is an isomer change due to an acid. Which doesnt fit the criteria for true D10 change. Then the easy way to fix this would be to do a heptane saline wash before second pass… use sodium bicarbonate to finish the material up to pH 8.4, you can go as low as 4.5 without much harm. Low pulls red, high pulls emulsion… typically. Also, are you doing a hot condensing? True d10 is a solid that linda looks crystaline but also kinda looks like a lipid. You may be able to hot condense it out.


lol, premier lab…runs a shimadzu.


Unfortunately, last time I was nice and gave away a painstakingly developed maintenance technique the guy decided to be a total douchebag about it.

So now I charge a small fee for an hour of my time to help with certain things. Call me crazy, but, after days or weeks of stress that led to the career pressure forcing me to innovate, and then having someone disrespect the hell out of me after helping them, I want some type of compensation for that stuff.


Well, I can’t comment on whether or not CBC is the issue. I only work with CO2, so I’ve done most of what I’ve discerned you can even do to the stuff. I’ve found a few things that work to change these mystery peaks.


Colloidal silver maybe?


I have no problem with any of that… and i feel the same… i answer at my leisure otherwise. I just went through a series of threats for kindly saying i cant help someone and telling them that they can check my ig and that the info was there… people are incredibly immature and entitled sometimes. But some may feel it dangling a carrot in front of their face when you promote yourself on their question. Just my $0.02


Also, its not a pesticide that normally does it FYI. But heptane/saline washes may help, if it happens on second pass only, id be curious to know the difference between your first vs second pass setup.


Sorry, I’m trying to be funny not piss anyone off.

We are using a complete lab society 12L with a single silvered head set up. Two e2m30 pumps and are using PFPE 501 grease on all the joints. We ran our condenser at 70c for this batch. Same setup for both first and second pass. We are not testing the Crude going into the unit, however all of the flower is tested before we process it. Same setup for both first and second pass


Im sorry to hear about that, however I cannot pay for a consultation or service that i have not seen you prove you can do. Do you have test results to show what your saying you can do?


First and Second pass are done using the same setup, just one less cold trap. My first passes are coming out a lil yellow(in a cartridge) but in the high 80% and second pass is coming out crystal clear(in a cartridge) but low %. Last test was in the 60% and this one came back as 43%. The run on the 43% batch went a bit longer than the 60% batch also.


The only carrot I meant to dangle was telling them why it’s happening. If they want to use that info to find the answer on their own, by all means. Otherwise, I’ll let them buy the answer.

No skin off my nose either way.


yeah but what temp did your second pass come over? How much oil did you put in that 12L? how long did it take to finish the second pass. What temp was your pot at?

And Breaking, if some has Confirmed 10a/10 i would love to see it.

Given what this guy is saying…converting something like 1/3 of his THC, I know he was running hot and long. The lack of D8 tells us he was not running absorptive media, and probably didn’t do any washes. It really just leaves heat and time. If you are say aluminium can act as a catalyst, I guess that could be, but we used it in the the past without this mystery peak showing up.

And on that…to my knowledge no one has even proved this mystery peak/s are 10a/10. It is still just a hypothesis if you ask me, a good one, but still not proven. What we do know is that they are not bio active, or have very very much less bioactivity. There is alot of other things it could be. I have only ever seen it reproducibly produced at high temps and long incubations. Which means it could be breakdown products too.


That’s what I originally thought the issue was as well, however it was not degrading to CBN which confused me.

Our second pass was done with 8L in the boiling flask and took about 14hrs once it popped. We collected distillate from 190 to 200c on the mantle. Head temp was 30 degrees cooler the entire time.


yup…thats is it. way too long, way too hot. You cooked it, Ok, way way too long, sort of too hot. You had to have a small leak somewhere if you are coming over at 190. drop the amount to ~2-3L, and get your temp down to 173-185. These groups selling these massive SPD’s…such a scam on the consumer, 5L MAX!

Let me guess this is the first time you did this large of a batch? First time on the 12L?

I suspect you are going to have an uncomfortable conversation with you boss.

Do all this and report back. I bet 10$ the problem will go away


Cbn isnt a heat and oxygen degredation point which still seems to be a contemporary thought… its just not the case, i can give repeated results of putting all the cbn in the tails fraction… based on bp… no extra generation…

Your runs are taking too long it seems, youre using the correct grease, but runs should he pretty quick, this is why we went to multiple pumps and wide bore… try doing a run of the same material, rough and dirty, long heads cut, early tails cut… and see what your potency ends up as… you could try the saline as i have seem a difference that ph makes with material.


Also, the tighter your vac depth the better that head temp in relation to the bf temp… which means faster at lower temps, your temps used were correct for the bf, but the head shouldnt be that far off,

Also has your stir bar lost magnetism, is it a huge vortex or do you struggle to keep it spinning without flipping off


My 20L has no isomer issues, i can send tests if you like although since most are done on our in house hplc, id have to go print out the chromatographs.