Verified Hemp Slangers



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Future I submitted samples + COA’s. Why arent I a verified cbd slanger yet?


A lot of people can’t seem to read the thread before posting about how to get verified.


The dang thing couldent be more apperant, My vote is it should flash red like a strobelight.


Shoot me a DM boss


is there anything similar for people working with permitted THC facilities? is it against the rules to talk about distillate and crude sales? asking for friend :wink:


Hey Future!

Hope all is well coming into the new year. We have a registered CBD company in Switzerland and have all necessary documents for import and export of CBD products under 1% Thc. What are the steps to get approved as a Slanger, can send you my commercial registry excerpt, samples of our isolate and oils, maybe even some of our premium indoor CBD flowers.




I have a business in vt im certified m, tax id and i have all my tests


For now, you need to register a company in the US. You can do that in 2 hours online to open an LLC or C corp. And follow the rest of the steps above.


i will like to be verified as a CBD vendor. what are the procedures?



Hey @Future

Question bro… should the guys wanting and pushing CBD almost have there own category …like the classifieds for sale, that ghost it unless you physically look for it…

Man would def clean this place back up w knowledge like it’s original intent!

Once again thank you bro! I’m not complaining just brainstorming, probably been said already!


second that notion, it needs to be hidden from the feed.


They gonna post in hemphire building too ,which isn’t the right place either probably… But I don’t know what would go there myself

Maybe we shift them as fast as they post, to classifieds lol


We are a 3rd Generation Family Farm that lives in one of the most ideal places to grow cannabis and we had a booming crop last year! We would love to send you business info, COAs so we can possible market CBD through this site. I think starting a CBD section would be very beneficial. I actually stumbled on this site a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier! So much information to glean through!


This is great! Excited to become a Verified Hemp Slanger!


Here’s an example of how not to get verified. Send samples and COAs with literally zero identifying information


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