Various equipment for sale

I have an entire unit full of our surplus equipment, I’ll get around to taking photos of everything here within a few days. Please if there is anything specific you can think of you may be interested in I’ll confirm to having it or not, the list is ridiculously large so it will take me a few days to compile together, but would like to add the image below to give an idea of what’s available.

Price/MSRP: $ let’s make a deal.
Current location of item: Arizona
Estimated lead time: n/a
Fulfillment: Freight or pickup.

(The ethos may still be pending sale)


Got a small vacuum filtration setup for less than $500?

Vac flask, vac line, funnel, papers and a diaphragm pump?

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Any ethanol filters

I might have a Welch diaphragm sittin, I know I have 2-3 diaphragm pumps forsure, multiple filter papers, no hochstrom but can build you a filter column out of some of the stainless & low micron screens & or fritted screen plates & caps as well with valve. No bottles or kegs to spare. I think I may have a dosing pump or two as well but I’d have to look.

Also have a array or line/ hose / tubing/ kf

Negative sorry

Under 500 I’m down

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Bet, I’ll be out at the facility tomorrow taking photos & compiling a list of items, I’ll make sure to set aside what you’re looking for & label it sold.


Just finished up invetory of the storage surplus I’ll post photos in a few hours, current inquires have had their items set aside as well, dm for further info or questions!


Need something for ethanol Buchner crc

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You just in luck I setup a few of them 2 6” setups with option of either 1um bottom or 5um, I have a couple in 4” but about 24”-36” tall can also do a site glass on either setup. I have 2 3” setups too. All steel & can even put an ice jacket on a 3” if wanted for de wax type deal.

@NewLevelProcess yours is set aside I have 2 diaphragms to use for 2 setups only. Others may come with a dual stage vac if you want & cold trap style condenser.

I can do these setups with vacuum, lines, “filter setup/ hochstrom”

Also have a pre made rolling rack for bho setup avaliable.

Just finished at the facility storage onsite. Photos to come in next few hours

I have TOO much stainless steel someone make me a offer

Where in AZ you at?


that a table top buchner?

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It is, if anyone wants it, I’ll let it go for 200$, I don’t wanna put the effort in to clean it as it’s the non removable bottom, but a good soak & it’s cherry again.

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Fuck a filter setup sell me that peristaltic does it work?

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