Warning. The user JIMCBDISOLATE with a 715-659-0448 phone number is scam. Long story short but he orders samples online and drop ships them to labs to make it look like he’s sending his samples. I sent him a deposit to a Capital One bank account and the funds were frozen by CapitalOne. He wanted me to send more money which we refused. Product never shipped. We have a fraud case open between our bank and Capital One and the funds were frozen so should be getting all or most of it back.

He refused to do COD or meet in person and even wanted to get paid via BITCOIN.

Then he told me last Monday that he shipped some product. Never got a tracking number for 2 days after he claimed he shipped it. Then admitted he lied and was so busy. Then he finally provided a tracking number but it was only created online, never actually dropped off at USPS. He claimed multiple times he shipped it and it was USPS’s fault and that I should pay him. Then Friday he claimed he didn’t use the correct address and needed to fix it. So today he provided another USPS tracking number and wanted us to send funds. I went to my local post office to check. Package was getting shipped to the completely wrong state and only 3 grams when it should have been 10KG+. Now he blocked my number or deleted his Google Voice number. Nice try “Ricardo Charles” Email address he used was which I’m sure he will change and create a new FUTURE4200 username.

FBI being contracted today. Reach out if you have had similar issues. Let’s get this guy!!

Verified Hemp Slangers

@sidco @Future


So you found him on this site and purchased from him even though he is not listed here as a verified slanger?


Yes found him on here. And he is listed as verified.


The reason I asked is I do not see him listed here-> Verified Hemp Slangers


When we reached out to him, he was on that list.


Ive been waiting for my order from him for a month now, had given him the benefit of the doubt due to the order being shipped internationally at xmas/new years. Though nothing has progressed since I switched it to a domestic(USA) based address. He’s offered refund via bitcoin or to wait, ive chosen to wait.

I hope he’s just incompetent and not a thief and scammer.


If he was on the list and removed I am guessing it is for a good reason so I would suggest asking for a refund ASAP. If he is a scammer I hope he is caught and gets what he deserves.


He’s just sending in other people’s product and claiming he’s a dealer for them. He claimed he was selling for Phyto Family. All he did was go online and order some samples from their website and sent them to our 3rd party lab for testing. The name on the Capital One bank account was not Phyto Family that he had us put down.



@Jimcbdisolate I think you need to be in here too. This is horrible!


I agree!


Here is the first fake USPS tracking number he gave me: 9410-8036-9930-0104-4402-78 All he did was create it online and never dropped it off.

And here is the second one we got today and was told to send money: 9510-8132-5328-9015-2725-22 Suppose to be going to Colorado and be 12KG. Post Office said its going to North Carolina and 3oz. Probably someone getting another sample and screwed over. I have pages and pages of texts with this guy and his excuses.


Yeah he post all the time too!

I had feeling some the guys would be scammers still for quick hit and disappear

I swear if scammers would put up half their energy to “real” job they would be rich!

I bet he skimming forums while he on the phone calling everyone in the book telling them their car warranty is out or something, send Money here please!!!


Site owners need to archive all of JimCBDIsolate’s posts and also his IP addresses that he used when logged in to help with the FBI case I just opened up.


SO TRUE! But they look to make a quick buck off the scams rather then the real deals


GD! Bringing down the house! I love it… Don’t you at least love that we aren’t quiet caught w our panties all the way down now!
Can actually ring the bad boys!

Saw that on cops not long ago…officier he stole my marijuana plants!

Made that big guy take em back too!

I swear I don’t know how they got back there!


10kg don’t sound like a small hit. Lol. Someone would get killed for that type of money in this city. People would send the firing squad out for that. Some of these people are playing a dangerous game. They just have to cross the wrong gorilla once.

There is a reason you see Miami on first 48 all the time. Some of these dudes don’t play that shit.


yeah level 2 or 3 verification is the only route Ill go down now, feels bad. Hope he meets justice.


Sucks for me since i offered future a tour of our facility and cant get verified as level 3 until then.