To Freeze or Freeze Dry Before Ethanol Extraction

It might be less weight after freeze dried, but it is actually equivalent to more material since all the water is removed hence the inability to compact.

No, the moisture content not different enough to account for that. The conventional material would have had to be 50% water to make up the difference. And it was not.

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from some old weed from last harvest in Aug unfortunately I dont have the money for a close loop so I’m doing this with a open blast glass tube pre froze loaded tube n beutane in deep freezer this is just some of the things that I’ve read like I said I am new to this process and I’m looking to create a good golden colour honey oil but it hasn’t really worked out I just have a standard glass tube stainless bowl and a double boiler I would like to know what mistakes or what is the professional way of doing it with the equipment that I have for example what type of butane to use that will give the best clear golden colour honey oil and have a good taste no butane leftover

Basically I need some professional help I have done it a few times and have a good idea of what to do I just need to tweak it and maybe get a few Trade Secrets along the way that will really help me out I am sick of making large batches and I’m just being mediocre or altogether failures please help desperately