Thread about large scale mushroom farming

ooooo vacuum. that’s dope. very nice :eyes:
I wonder how it will work with species that aren’t as durable though. Strains with thinner stems and caps. I wonder if it will rip them apart. very cool either way though.

Speed and jerk settings would be an easy tweak. I feel like anyone running a machine like this would have their own small-cap/thick-stipe isolates specifically for ease of use. Albinos are probably easier for the sensor to get a read on, too.

Engineer the mushroom around the machine, ya know.

I think that makes Enigma ‘artisanal’ lol


Enigma came to my attention when the Psilocybin Service Center rules were being discussed in working groups.

I was like “wow, fill all the tubs” until I realized it’s uniqueness is deceiving and it may require more effort than more familiar varieties.

But I’m a sucker for a good filled in canopy. I figured they had more surface area. Butt ugly though.


Oh yeah for sure. harvesting enigma is a pain in the ass.
worth it tho!

Ugly as fuck lol but so pretty at the same time :heart_eyes:

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Using plastic is eco friendly, throwing it away not so.

170* :upside_down_face:


I only see this shit in my nightmares.

To talk about this thread. It’s all about tooling and gameplan.

As long as your grains are hydrated and sterile and not caramelized you got a good chance

Each site will have an optimal technique for fruiting.

Large button mushroom farms have pasteurizable sheet metal rooms. They fill it up with substrate via conveyor belt. Pasteurize the room, cool it off then they seed it with spawn or liquid inoculant.

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Stop spying lol


Love everything you’ve been doing in the industry man, you have been one of my favorite follows on my personal account on IG. Would you mind me messaging you to ask you a couple more in depth questions about proper technique?

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Sterilizing substrate will be bottleneck. Gourmet cultivator. Growing oyster varieties, hericium varieties.

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Why do you see this as a bottleneck?