This chiller is really cool!

75Gallon hash maker,have stock now!
:fire: Small angle, better extraction effect
:fire:Speed, time, forward and reverse can be adjusted, English mode can be selected
:fire:With temperature sensor, high-pressure vibration of sieve, remote communication module
:fire:Metal wire drawing process, heavy feeling, no water stains
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Three chillers have been shipped to customers, $3*** each, if you are interested, Pls send DM,
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Hash maker and chiller 50/40, ready to ship to Los Angeles, USA.
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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
Available in LA

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Pumping speed: m¾/h(L/s):4(14.4) Extreme pressure¶: ≤6×10-2
Motor power (W):550
Noise (dBA): 66
Rotating speed(r/min):50HZ(1400) ~ 60HZ(1700)
Oil vilume (L):1.1

Chiller-DLSB30/30.DLSB50/30 will arrive at Los Angeles warehouse soon, promotional price, $3***, welcome to order.

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The new freeze dryer is on the market.

:white_check_mark:PLC and touch screen setup for real-time temperature data recording and remote control.

:white_check_mark:Vertical door structure for in-situ freeze-drying of materials.

:white_check_mark:Slanted cutting surface design for easy operation.

:white_check_mark:Preset shelf temperature control curves to achieve automation of the sublimation process.

:white_check_mark:Freeze drying technology, drying under vacuum, does not change the structure of the biomass itself.

:white_check_mark:It can be operated in batches continuously, with fast operation speed and improved production efficiency.

:white_check_mark:It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safer

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Any 110v?

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There are many models to choose from. Our stock is 220v, and 110v can be customized.

Chiller DLSB 300/120 prepare to ship to LA.
Chiller have -30℃/-40℃/-80℃/-120℃.
And Chiller DlSB 30/30 Special Price: $3***

More info. ,pls send DM.
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Can we get rid of all of these posts all together? is anyone actually buying this fake crap?

:white_check_mark:Available in stock, with 30L, 60L, 110L, 200L capacity to choose from.
:white_check_mark:High speed and high stability.
:white_check_mark:The motors and fans are explosion-proof and have good heat dissipation assistance.
:white_check_mark:Can be used together with Chiller.
:white_check_mark:Contains four filter bags.
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