SOS! need to dry out crumble

Spin it and #savetheterps

Oh yes, save the terps indeed… found a beautiful research paper explaining why, turns out terpenes are THE LEAST studied/understood portion of the cannabis sativa plant.

This tid-bit is all that matters though.

Complex poly-pharmacology may provide a unique means to use terpenes to enhance cannabinoid or other therapies

Losing terps = losing the heightened and potentially unique characteristics of the concentrate.

natural terps in natural extracts, it’s all in the plant man

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If you are only going for aesthetics of drier crumble you dont even need vac. Heat and mix vigorously 150-170f, it’ll dry out quick but you’ll lose a lot of terps in process. A sweater or fuge is better long term solution as you can save your terps.

This will also work, freeze on parchment paper, grind it up, and dust flowers before it warms up

Had some badder with a nice Terp layer. It actually intimidated people. Education is a must! Had to refinish not recrystallize.
Almost cried watching the vac trap drip with Terps not to be saved😤. Heat was used. Works fast. Started at 105F. Realized 130-137F was needed. And yes. You don’t need a vac like Cyclo says. A forced air oven would be nice.
End product had Terps relative to its finish.