Slow pull speeds on SPD


Great advice, have this guy going!


It’s working?! Kick ass! You will be so much more pleased with the results


You’ll also have a lot less CBN and CDC on these runs


Bit of a mishap, my water pump stopped working in my 90 degree bath for the head. Had some vacuum problems as well, but I’m finally back going.

Willl have to find a water pump that can tolerate such conditions. For now, I’m at my usual drip. I believe my stiebar is operational as I can hear it clicking on the bottom of the boiling flask. Pull remains slow at 183 head, 204 mantle and 240 microns. Water bath at 56 until I can solve that issue


Eco 396

Magnetic driven pump. I can make a chiller with their bigger (eco 633) one and cool something down beyond -50c


Those mantles are finicky. They don’t like to stir. Slowing it down and watching it speed up and getting it as fast as it can handle without skipping off track. Check to make sure you didn’t do that. If so, slow down and let it catch up, then slowly turn it up and monitor the stir to the sweet point


Still at this painfully slow pace. Have the bar running but trying to figure out why I can’t achieve the thick spirals I see frequently.


This is as sweet as it’s gotten :confused:


You think this guy will last 90 C ?


I don’t know about putting the beads in the flask, but you can pack the beads in the head. It should help remove more impurities. It is similar to packing copper or steel beads in your column for traditional alcohol distillation. I just talked with an extractor that has good success removing the red tint with them.

As for a 2L. Distilling that should only take an hour or so, as long as the oil was pre-decarbed.


If You can SPD 2 liter flask with 1 liter oil in one hour You are hired :grinning:


Ok. Maybe it is longer, but it doesn’t seem very long. Especially if you are running 500g and it’s decarbed already.


To me it seems your vac is a little high, so at those temperatures I think you might not be putting enough energy in. After fixing your stir bar (removing the beads) re distill some first pass distillate to see how the stir bar works, you are going to want that on full. If it is still going slow at that point then you just need to creep up the mantle temps, the flow rate should improve a bit. Though the best remedy is a stronger vac


Here is a video of my 500ml running from a while ago. I do run a little hot, but it looks fine grammed up.

The two liter can bang it out fairly fast too, but the problem is just cleaning and re-tooling between runs. I will take a video of my 2L and post that too soon.