Shatter into Sugar. What can it be formed to?

I’m curious if anyone has had shatter sugar up, and been able to form the sugared product into a crumble or honey comb?
Thanks for all advice.

Yes i have. Usually is terpy.
Sugar is better then crumble and honey comb amd easier to sell (Imo the 2 worse forms of bho)


Truth. I can’t sell honeycomb or crumble worth a damn. Sugar or shatter sells it self.


Thanks for your info. What’d you do to get the airy crumble and honeycomb texture from that point?
Did it sit out of ovens after purge?
Did you purge into sugar and form it’s consistency from there?

Honestly dont make either of those. Sorry i meant ive made sugar from shatter.
Crumble is overpurged. So hotter but i dont remember the temp as i avoid that consistency. Just bump up temps slowly. Prob around 110


Thanks for the info. What’s the specialty?

Stir the living shit out of it, like your grandma is working you in the kitchen and you’ll make crumble, if you vac enough. Not worth the effort in my opinion. Sugar is just as good unless you are using certain cheap wax/oil rigs.

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literally the same question

Literally tells you how to make honeycomb/crumble from stable shatter.

Why do we even have a search bar?


or u can turn it back into shatter if you dont have custys for sugar

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Sugar usually will not whip and badder

What is making the badder look is ur thca. If all the thca is in sugar form which is crystalline structure. How can it be blended in and budder? If u can potentially melt the thca without decarbing it then you could whip it back in budder

Sugar is better imo.

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Mortar and pestle into molé :joy:

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How long will you stir? Do you put back into a vac, or just the oven? When I drop vac after three days it falls and stays waxy in my experience. This is first experience with it wanting to sugar. The request is crumble so I want to attain the consistency.

Thanks for your info!! Yes I I see the thca separating and sitting on the top

Thank you for your knowledge!