Sell chiller-30°C,-60°C,-80°C,-120°C in LA,no tariff

Chiller DLSB-50/80 for sale in Los Angeles, USA.

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to your desired temperature

Large chiller -80°C, -120°C

Can choose

For sale in Los Angeles, USA, 40/80, 50/80, 100/40, 200/40, 200/120, 50/30, 30/30.Chiller

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Chiller pic

Customized chiller -80° 50L 220V 3 phase, -80° 40L 220V single phase, -120° 200L 220V 3 phase, -40° 100L 220V 3 phase, -40° 200L 220V 3 phase, -30° 30L 220V single phase , can cool ethanol to -80°C, -40°C, -30°C, -120°C, chiller for extraction, private message me for more information

Recirculating Chiller, as a cryogenic liquid circulating device, energized by mechanical cooling, is mainly used for providing cryogenic liquid and low temperature water bath. Used with rotary evaporator,centrifuge,WFE,FFE,tank,reactor,freeze dryer…

-40°C,100/40 and 200/40 available in stock in US
Chiller50/30,40/80,50/80,30/30 in stock in US

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New batch arrives in Los Angeles.

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Available in stock, which one do you like?

Chiller50/80,Three-phase,for sale in California

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300/80 has been sold out, there are 40L, 50L at -80°C…

Chillers for sale in Los Angeles, fast delivery, excellent price, -30/-40/-60/-80/-120 ° C Pm me for,more details

Chiller 30/30, discount 300, let me know if need it to work