Rosin x Centrifuge

Alu has density of 2.7g/cm3 so you can figure out how much room those plungers will take up. Might need the bore to have a ptfe sleeve.

It looks like too much work for too little hash to me, but don’t let me dissuade you…

I was thinking a tungsten plate(facing the hash) secured to an aluminum puck so the center of gravity is a little more sensible


Oil won’t press out without heat

Good thing fuge creates heat as it spins.


Not enough ime


I actually had something interesting happen while working on rosin decarb using a helium/nitrogen blanket @ 120psi and 150° for 24 hours, near as I can tell the thca was pushed to the bottom before the decarb started to happen. Unfortunately I just allowed this to go back into heat and finish its decarb, but I think it could have easily been cooled down or frozen and had the Terp layer scraped right off.


Do this again and use a pippette to separate the two or pour out over a mesh sieve

You put 120psi on this glass jar?

I’d assume the jar was open, inside a vessel that was pressurized to 120psi.


Any results/pictures of the finished decarb? Been curious about a better slow and low decarb myself, Deff haven’t had any luck at 150 myself. Think I may have left some at 150 for a week and still not be melted enough for pens.

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Just spin the fresh press without a bag or filter to force nucleate. Do it in a cold room and I freeze the buckets, I can keep it under 70f that way. Soon for only like 20-30 min. Keep lid off or don’t have the jar filled, small amounts of pressure will build up.

Then whip the rosin, put it in filter basket or bag and spin again. This will separate everting pretty well.

I have gotten layer separation by just spinning for over an hour but I felt like the temps got too high. (85f or so)