Really ?! What the F@!K

But I mean
you could always
trust the nice
people running them

But just in case

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I got banned because I bought Cannabis seeds named Cuban Missile Crisis


I fkn hate when that happens


Agreed, along with the whole ecosystem of IRL stores that basically openly sell burner phones in Europe. Also how are there so many channels that delve into the specifics of European crime and not US? They’re an interesting watch


There are but the channels on US crime usually is a lot more boring since they focus on mainly gangbanging type shit vs. the actual impressive organized stuff cuz rap music. That being said, there’s a few really good ones

Motherfucker rules. Maybe I like him because he’s got ties to Boston too but dude goes over paperwork with a fine tooth comb

This guy is great, focuses a lot on Detroit and LA area crime stuff. Some really good stories on the old school dudes but mainly focused in the past vs. present.

More gangbanging stuff but a bit more in depth. More ‘youtube-y’ than the others but entertaining.

Low production value high information. Less of a focus on “personality” and more of a focus on hard facts. I sort of like the less is more approach with this, lots of clip art used in these video (yes, actual clip art) and I fucking love it.

I’ve put them down a few times too but Sammy The Bull has a youtube channel and so does Michael Fransese both formerly of the Italians - Sammy drops more info on his channel because his court agreement essentially gave him a clean slate but Michael doesn’t really go over his past in depth since he didn’t have the same protections. I’m a little bored from the Italian stories these days because it sharply drops off in the late 90s so it’s the same ‘Oh they were balling like crazy selling work and then someone shot another guy for making fun of their brother’s sister’s cousin’s mother’s dog and that’s what got the feds called on them’ gangbanging story every time with minor nuances which is why the euro and canadian stuff is WAY more fun to watch.

Mainly Canadian gangsters. Makes a lot of the USA guys look small time. Canada is way more violent than people down here give them credit for - the video about the Shedden Massacre highlights that one quite a bit.

But. If you really want to see the difference between attitudes here and across the pond - this video spells it out CLEARLY.

Over here if you get sent to jail and you have enemies, someone will have to find you and shank you with some sort of elaborate plan passed along via kites and people in the right place at the right time bribed the right way. There, they would just fucking break into the jail and throw grenades into your cell. It’s a good video! Gives a lot of history on why that area is like the way it is. 2 of the biggest US based bike clubs going at eachother’s throats so hard they weren’t even listening to the big boys who started the clubs for a long spell there.

I can’t believe I forgot this channel.

Asian-focused gangsters. Real low key shit you never hear about. Has some great stuff on it.


Awesome response, thank you for taking the time to write that


No problem man! I love history and at this point that’s legitimate American history you know?


This channel has been decent, the silk road heist one was pretty solid

Oh dude thats a really great one! I watch that one whenever he puts out new shit! There are so many DW docs on youtube right now but his are always so much more info packed and less…youtube teenager-y

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I seen one where a guy stole over 3 billion from silk road and only reason he got caught was someone stole 200k or something from him and he called the cops lmao.

What a loser.

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I think we’re talking about the same one

Iirc it was because he mixed funds from different wallets and doxed himself to coinbase

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manic before I smoked this morning typed out scenario:

if you’re a criminal trying to steal bitcoin and you pull it off, you have to cash out right away and leave 10 coins or a ridiculously low number left and habitually move them around to other accounts. It sucks though because if you think a little further than that you’re going to come to the conclusion the only way this would work is if you’re able to have it scrambled on the blockchain and have a bunch of either stolen or fake social security numbers to be able to hold the coins (legally) while trying to conceal the fact the coins are illegally obtained. Which means you have to collude with someone else and that would make it a little bit harder on you because then not only would you have to hope and trust someone that they won’t rob or squeal on you but now you’re involving more people and that person could get greedy and cut someone else in without you knowing and then that turns into a problem… it’s just another buttfuck of what the fuck and it just ends up in the same criminal enterprise bullshit that everything gets caught up in.

Meaning it’s no different than running an enterprise of fentanyl, heroin or meth. It’s another get rich quick scheme/plot that thickens and crushes you and your dreams.

It’s crazy how when you think a little further you can see the terrible outcomes of, “easy money” BUT as my mom told me when I was growing up, “There is no such thing as easy money or everyone would be doing it.”

When did you get religion of this type?

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’ if you’re able to have it scrambled on the blockchain’
You can using tumblers/mixers but problem is many exchanges are hot on any transactions from tumblers so have to move through dex’s decentrallised exchanges…anything u do on net have to assume it is being logged…There was a news story years back about some senior guy in F B.i having an affair who used a regular email acct to arrange with his girl meets . Knowing all too well how his org spies on everyone he never sent any emails to his lover, nope just left them in the drafts folder for her to look at later. simple yet effective… The encro chat complete joke no surprise that was compromised, one time pad works well but has limitations.


Oh yeah I remember reading about that EncroChat thing when @sidco was advertising an OS.

Oh wait it wasn’t that it was this

Same difference though, same premise.
Make an app that logs all your chats and sell it as encrypted.

Still very effective :+1:
Proton mail I would suggest


for sure think that combined with some encryption, only have a basic understanding of cryptography but understanding how they use frequency too decode stuff is useful to know,should enable someone to code something robust. on a similar note imagine some of the recent geo location tools such as what3words could be useful for deadletter drops ‘where very 3 metre square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words . Used for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies .’

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Future4200 himself exposed my ip address and told people accts locations. The man doxxed me himself its in the echo chamber of him admitting so…all your information here isnt private unless youve dont so securely on your end. Like i do ever since informant4200 blasted me.

As i have no issues with sidco i have to say your a fckin fool if you thnk your safe if shes hosting it. This site has a caption saying it will share any information if vetted or asked by a govt authority.

@sidco = man

@Sidco_Cat = female and @sidco mom.

I know weird


I guess I forgot the /s tag. If you read my posts in the thread that’s being referenced, you’ll likely understand that I agree with you.