Post Your THCA Pics/Vids


I broke a blue and purple one up into pieces to show the color is the whole way through ! A picture doesn’t do it justice but @slickric174 can back me up I will be sure to bring some to the next GLG event I go tooimage|375x500



How much for the sop?

My latest mimosa x orange bud run.

Blasted with fresh just, harvested (not frozen, like actually fresh😂didnt have freezer) sugar leaf trim (not one popcorn bud)

Idk is it even supposed to to crystalize? I thought it supposed te be hella hard to do so?

Edit: btw the solvent is 85% butane 15% propane
(this brand has been used in these parts by everyone and their grandmother since people started blasting here)

From the Netherlands, so getting the right stuff is hard. So I just followed what worked for others. Idk I just sharing who knows someone might know things that help me or find my stuff helpfull.

Anyway day 3:

Day 4:

Day 7(today):

It came from this one, picture was taking 2/3 days before harvest:


Jesus that’s a fucking beaut of a lady. My lord.

Reminds me of a clone I was gifted that I ran outdoor, trichome growth on that is phenomenal


Chilly s huh!! happy to see you back on these mighty fine shimmers

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Best yet😂 love making this stuff


Harvest time.


Posting the harvest tomorrow


I thought I could get off topic with the rudeness, but oh man, that’s beyond the pale. Toxiccccccccccc

I thought I needed to learn about your blue diamonds, but maybe I just need to learn more about being a bitter prick.

my stones went through the ringer to be proven legitimate

Do people even buy them? I’d have figured if there was anything there, they’d be taking off, and my industry instagram would just be bogged down with blue diamonds melting. It’s been like 2 years…

But there’s never any. Do they sell? Is there something about blue diamonds that don’t encourage custies to post those melt shots? Folks gotta wonder…

@CallipygianDabs Just closed a major deal thanks to @Future to bring them to Cali with projected sales numbers being in the 10s of thousands monthly, these will sell out there anywhere from 50-100$ bucks a gram wholesale so every kilo is worth 50-100k you can do the math on that

And for all those interested in the Oklahoma market our next drop of GEMTEK will be July 4th and 10th at our dispensary Wholeleaf in Tulsa

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Good luck, hope your projections come true.


Deffinitly would be better off riding an affordable price point and letting the colors sell the product then over charging and letting the luster wear off people only going to pay extra once for color. Lol @ those prices in Cali.



I just don’t see it.


Absolute madness lmao. Best of luck! I can only imagine the heartbreak when they get 7500 a kilo


If the tek gets out sooner than they can sell it, it will go down in value. Imo they do have a niche in the market and being first at it will definitely bring them profits until then


In the long run, I’m only paying a premium for quality or convenience. I don’t see these being a repeat purchase for many at that price point


confident enough to sign a 10 year contract with a guaranteed minimum value…
@Greenleafpro @TRIPPIE @vortal really All I see are sour dudes more worried about me and my money then making their own when you project your insecurities like this. This is the only product like this, you cant compare your basic product prices to this, like when diamonds first came out (guild still sells diamonds for 100 a gram) people pay for quality as well as rarity and sorry to say but I imagine most of yall dont have nearly the same quality as me so you dont understand why I can demand higher prices for my products, but when you look at owning a unique patented product with 40 million potential customers you just gotta do the math will the price stay there forever maybe not but while everyone else continues to play catch up I’m sitting around buying cars and houses laughing to the bank :joy: