Possible to remove chlorophyll from cbd crude?


Hi, looking for low tech ways (very basic lab set up) to remove chlorophyll from crude CBD. I hear that carbon scrubbing takes a lot of the good stuff out too. What are other recommended methods you’ve had luck with?



Cold carbon scrub isn’t that bad for the stuff


I read it could destroy or isomerize the CBD. Hard to get good info that people agree on.


Liquid liquid seperation will clean it up nicely.

Dissolve your crude in 190 proof or methanol, winterize it and then wash it with heptane till the heptane comes out clear (190 proof or methanol is immiscible with heptane) the heptane will pull the cannabinoids while the chloraphyll stays in the alcohol, roto vap the heptane and distill it and you’ll be good


I don’t have a rotovap or distiller at this point, I’ve been getting my extract ready finished but need a new supplier. Reading more is leading me to look into cleaning up the crude myself, but it would all have to be basement style lab work. Would slow oven heating or dehydrator style set up work at removing hexane and such? Sorry for the basic questions, I know most of you guys are well above my level of involvement on here.


The way things are going I may well look into a cheaper short path distiller and do the decarb and winterisation myself. My business is not great though so cost is a big factor right now.


Go on Amazon and buy a simple distillation kit, then put your flask in a pot of water/oil on the stove.

You can distill off 90% of your solvent on a $250 eBay/Amazon glass distillers kit instead of a rotavap.

Cold carbon scrub is absolutely your best and cheapest bet. You’re not likely to isomerise on a low contact time.


Nice, thanks guys.

Is it possible to get a suitable short path distiller for a few hundred bucks? I keep reading that $3k is the starting point in CBD related articles but have seen them for $300, not sure if they’d be suitable.

Moving from crude to distillate is beginning to look appealing.

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The absolute cheapest is probably 1800-2k between your vacuum pump, vacuum trap, 2L flask with mantle, and your head & tubes, hoses, etc.

Pump (used) $350-600
Mantle $300
Flask $200
Head $240
Vacuum trap $200

Browse around the forum here to get recommendations for pumps, and check out a couple of the Chinese suppliers on here for cheap glass.

Cheap stuff will probably give you headaches, be harder to learn on, might destroy a run or two while you get the hang of it. But if you’re rich in crude and low on cash it might be your best bet.

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I’ve been of the mind of avoiding distillation at this point. I personally chose to go with color remediation via filtration. Depending on your extraction solvent color remediation can produce from clear to a nice pale extract from fairly ugly extract.

If you want it all done in your basement on a budget that might be more what your looking for instead of going to distillation.

Check out the BHO Color Remediation and EHO Color Remediation threads.