Possible to make diamonds with 2 weeks old high quality trim?


Not as my first or even second attempt.

If asking the kid to THINK about what they’ve read and give an explaination for why they think this won’t work means I’m being an asshole, then so be it.

As for reddit, found no signs of intelligent life there. Try to encourage it here.

As a general rule I also try to discourage open blasting.

The “open blasting at your mommas” belongs to the forum owner, so I’m gonna claim precedent…


I’m sure he will. The open blasting at your mommas was HIS!


No one like bottle feeding adults information. It’s a pretty simple procedure to READ FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER. There’s a core group of people here that read practically every post that comes up, and none of us like lazy people that aren’t willing to put the research in before asking everyone to spend time holding your hand, walking you through the steps, and searching for all the links you should have read in the first place.

We have more than enough reasoning to get salty when the board is getting littered with questions that have been answered multiple times in multiple ways already.


Really bro!? You’re going to talk about professionalism then in the same sentence call someone a douche. Laughable for sure. Grow some thicker skin and be willing to do the work, or pay for the spoon feeding your after! End of story!! There is no need to start a new thread to ask the question this dude was asking. It’s been answered all he needed to do was read and he would have found that many people make crystals with cured trim. When you don’t want to read what everyone has already contributed you have to be willing to deal with the consequences of being lazy. They are in this order: a loss of respect from the community, disdain from folks for wasting space and time, having to pay for the answers your unwilling to go dig for and answer yourself.


Thank you.

It was given to me by my tribe more that 20 years ago.

Some of this information can be life threatening.

(Open blast. Wtf do I do now?!?)

I won’t spoon feed it to anyone who can’t demonstrate possession of at least one clue.

Because it invariably does lead to open blasting at their momma’s house…

You don’t want that either.


I love this guy always calln ppl out lol


Hey @cyclopath is one of the smartest ppl on here


Links!!! Man I’m on here learning everyday never asking for links or stuff like that. Everything you need is here. But yes use your brain put out some effort and be a winner. If you did actually research on here you sure wouldn’t be calling our good friend an asshole and know he def a valuable asset to the site


Quit hating on open blasting you wanker! Lol just trying to throw some hate your way :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I’ll debate this all day


I was also typing most of that with one finger on my phone…

so getting those links in there wasn’t painless. that’s one reason I type search queries.
I also visit them and make sure there is good info behind at least one of the top three threads…most of the time.

sorry if anyone’s panties got twisted.
I was told to keep talking shit.
So I did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We call it AssBurgers atz my house.
Although I’ve heard it called high functioning Australian :rofl:

Spinning at this speed is fun, but there are issues.

I’d love to get this back on topic

What are the differences here between running cured vs running fresh frozen?

  • terps mainly.
  • which changes how much butane you need leave behind. (none?)
    • because terps are solvents.


  • OP did not dewax.
  • it can still be done. pros? cons?
    • makes the terps less pourable.
    • and less appealing in general?

Cold crash?

  • some skip it. right?
  • care to share?

Burp? When?

  • Had OP done their homework, the concept of asking where their diamonds were at day 4 would not have occurred to them.
  • Yeah, some of you can get it done fast, but most are very happy with two weeks, and not concerned with 4weeks (ok 4 kind of sucks for production). right?
  • Pretty sure the last nectar handed to me took us more than 15 days…pan tek I believe.

What else? (did they do wrong)

Edit: as you can tell, I have a keyboard again. My laptop was doing CG duty.


Now that they’ve lost pressure they should crank up the temp, or squirt another bit of tane in there.

When doing a nondewaxed run, it is essential sometimes to compensate for the added viscosity by bringing the waxes and fats to their melting point which might be closer to 100 f. This allows the thca to be more mobile while under pressure. Check out how they make rosin diamonds.

To squirt more tane, first, freeze your tane. Then, poke two holes in a mason jar lid. One for vent one for your can nozzle. Do this outside only. And away from your idiot friend smoking a blunt. Or your water heater…

Darwinism yo