Passive Recovery Time


What do you mean violent?


Like a loud humming wooshing sound. Scared the shit outta me


I can’t even describe the sound. It wasn’t a pleasent sound but it sounded like the butane was moving fast.


Also my tank was completely submerged in rice dry ice for at least 8 hours. Recovering through the liquid side.


How hot was your water. The only time my gas sounds like that is when I’m transfer from a large source solvent tank to a smaller tank.


Like, it was whistling? Or like a hose. Did you heat your collection up and then open recovery and after a few minutes it calmed down?


Ya the collection was hot and it did calm down after a couple minutes


Like 118f


That will get your gas moving that’s for sure. :joy::rofl::joy:

That’s one way to get it in there fast.


Fastest recovery I’ve done yet. Lol.


Sounds about right… And yikes. Why so hot?


Just maxed out what my sink puts out.


What should it be at?


Was there oil in there too?? If so. Your probably missing some terps. Like most


Lol ya some crude


Oh it’s certainly crude after those recovery temps. Haha

Just messing with ya. You wanna keep that temp around 80 or lower


@Terppin it can be whatever you want but that’s a bit warm. I run that for crude. I don’t normally go above 86. But, dunking sucks and the water cools fast, I’ve been there. If you get a couple buckets and a sois vide or two in the second one, then rig some hoses with a pump between the two, you can simulate a jacket. Until you get a jacketed bowl. They aren’t that expensive and they will save your world.


My sous vide just showed up!


Fuckin a cotton. If you find the Eco 596 pump. And finangle it to push water in and out of the bucket your bowl is in that’ll save you. Try not to put it in the same one or get in the habit.


Yeah I don’t like the idea of having electrical equipment in the same res as my collection vessel. It’s probably safe but I just don’t think the risk is worth it.

Some really good info in this thread. Thanks ya’ll.